Wednesday, March 27, 2013

100 Days!

Last week my best friend entered the MTC and began what will probably be the most amazing adventure of her life. I am so excited to see what her mission will bring her. I feel so blessed to be able to serve along side so many of my friends! Good luck Sorella Holloway!

Only 100 days to go and then it'll be my turn! I'm definitely getting excited. There's still so much to do and I already feel like I wont have enough time to do it all. The biggest struggle I'm having is with my Visa, and the 'encouragement' I get from my family to get it done is just plain annoying and only adds onto the struggle. It's been a painful process, but once it's done I'll be golden.

Since receiving my call I've done a lot of other things to help me prepare, including mission prep classes, attending institute, taking piano lessons, and probably the coolest of them all was going through the temple in the early morning of March 9th.

You guys, it was amazing. My dad and my oldest sister were both there and it was just perfect.
 Sister Waters, She's basically the most amazing woman you'll ever meet! 
My two older sisters Grace and Leisha. 
 Grace, Jenni, Pops, Leisha, and of
We really can't take serious pictures in this family, we always have to take that one (or many) 'awkward' picture(s). My dad gave this caption after we took it. 
Dad: "Hey look! A bird!"
Olivia: "It POOPED!" 

Hahaha! My dad's the best. 

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