Monday, January 27, 2014

Ahhh! Missionary!

Hahaha! We were leaving a fireside last night at a members house and we were RUNNING to the truck because it was cold outside. Another member was coming out behind us (the YM President) and he YELLS "RUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!"
we just laughed, but then we got in the car and these two guys are just stttarriiing at us, like "what the heck just happened dude?"
they heard the whole thing..It has NOTHING to do with this picture, but it was stinkin hilarious.


Maybe this time it'll work...

There was supposed to be a picture attached to that..awk.

Miami is beautiful!


Sorry...I'm the worst sister ever! I can't believe I forgot to say that last week. I was even on the computer on Tuesday and didn't say ANYTHING!


haha. anyway. This week has been...well..

it's been good.


We got transfer calls on Thursday.. Sister Vance is going to Springfield 2nd with my first compy, Sister Gilbert! And Sister Clayson and I are stickin around in Miami.

I don't know how we are going to do it. We could hardly stay floating with the three of us! I'm praying that President sends us a Visa waiter! so that we can go on splitskies and so I can practice my Portuguese...apparently that's the language I'm supposed to be speaking. I don't know if I could even make a full sentence anymore :(

Each transfer it gets harder and harder, thinking of Brazil and all, I JUST WANT TO GO!

FOUR people from the mtc got their visas and are flyin on the plane to Brazil AS WE SPEAK.

It seriously kills me.

Speaking of .... everyone seems to be sick lately...even me. This is the THIRD time I've been sick this transfer, anndd there aren't any signs of it getting better any time soon. and EVERYONE ELSE out here has some weird thing called H1N1A...uhhh alright.

Well..I've been out for a while, After this transfer, I'll be half way done. When did that ever happen?! It's weird. I am excited to go home, but it stresses me out SO bad at the same time.
HEY! Brian Rodgers get's home in a MONTH! I guess that also means that Lucas is getting home soon too!

hmmm.. I don't know if there were any really cool stories from this week but, let me just tell you. Our gators are amazing. One just got out of an abusive relationship. she went to the er on sunday morning and then CAME TO CHURCH at 9am. He bells paulsy (however that's spelt) is back and so she took the sacrament with a half paralyzed face.

it killed me, she is amazing.

another got her kids taken away by DHS a few weeks ago because of false accusations an her (soon-to-be ex-husband) She found out this week that she wont get them back for probably another year. and that the divorce wont be final for another two years because of...stupid stuff.

another one is a recovering drug addict, who is struggling to get on her feet.
ALL of these people have the most amazing faith, and there is progress made every day. They are so willing to keep the commandments, because they know that they will be blessed for it. Miracles are happening every day for them. There are new stories every day! I love it so much!

#Pardon my grammar and spelling. I'm in Oklahoma....what more do you expect? haha.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Love Washing the Truck.

The Trio

To Brazil or not to Brazil?

This week was NUTS. Looking back, it feels like it was 100 years long, but going through it only took like...2 minutes or something.

Time on the mission is WEIRD.

But it is truly amazing.

Monday night we started an exchange. President had been really pushing that we stay out until 9:00 every night. So Monday night at 8:55 we needed something to do. WE decided to go into Dollar General to get a new investigator. It didn't take more than 2 minutes to find him. His name is Alex aka Aksel, he's our age and wants to learn more. Cool..

Fast Forward to yesterday: We find out from our Ward Mission Leader that this new investigator sexually assaults girls at the pool. He tells us to NEVER go to see him ever again...

Message received. haha.

This week really was great though

Tuesday we went to a Less Actives house, they were out looking for their cat, so, naturally we helped them. But first we said a prayer. We started looking and found a new gator. We said another prayer and decided to walk back to their house in case it wandered back that way, when we got back to the house it was time for us to leave, so we said another prayer with the family...then we turn around. lo and behold the cat was there.

Gotta love the power of prayer ;)

Wendesday we had district meeting in Neosho, MO. I didn't realize it at first, but as we were driving back to Miami, I started recognizing the road...It was SUPER familiar. Soon enough we passed the Hotel we stayed at when we went to the camp meeting two summers ago! I said, "Guys, I'm not even kidding right now, I stayed in that hotel two summers with my family!" haha. THEN later on I looked up on the GPS where Aunt Esther lives, it's only TEN minutes away from the chapel in Neosho! How cool! The elders in Neosho say that I could probably get permission to go have lunch with her one day or something. So, we'll have to see about that.

We have transfer calls on Saturday and if I stay here in Miami, I'll definitely have to do something like that!

Thursday we went to Train-the-trainer in Bentonville, our ride cancelled TEN minutes before we had to leave! By the grace of God we found another way. Whew! It was a lot of  fun President Shumway is the best.

Friday was AWESOME, we got SO MUCH done! Saw like a million people....The work is going nuts out here, we have to do splits almost every day to keep up, it's a good thing there's three of us!  We are exhausted by the end of the day, it definitely doesn't take long to fall asleep.

Saturday we went out with Bishop and after 3 hours of appointments he says, "WOW, you guys are GOOD!" haha. But really, we've just found the ones who are truly prepared!

We taught Bonnie the Word of Wisdom, they drink tea and coffee, so when they found out about that she was a little shocked, but she quickly got over it and TOTALLY accepted it! Then Bailee, one of her daughters comes in and Bonnie tells her the news, "we wont be drinking tea and coffee anymore." Bailee starts to cry, "But why!? It isn't even bad!" Bonnie explains to her that it's a commandment - so it doesn't matter if it's not bad, then she pulls out D&C 89 and starts to read about it to Bailee. Soon enough Bailee accepts it and then goes to the kitchen and pours out all her tea.

We came back later with some Gatorade and all the tea/coffee was gone and they had made lemonade! That little family is amazing!

Later we taught the Word of Wisdom to another amazing gator and the Law of Chastity. My hard just about broke when she asked if that one was optional. YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH. I wish people understood that! But she did agree to do the Stop Smoking Workshop! And she said she'd pray about the chastity thing. She's amazing, She's been through a LOT but she's getting back on her feet!

Sunday morning was a battle field. But it was ALL worth it.
WE had a total of 20 people at church...
8 were investigators and the rest were their kids/kids' friends
It was awesome.

They literally doubled the ward! 

And, just to show how cool these people are that we're teaching, let me just say that I don't think I heard answers to questions from the teachers given by any members. They were ALL from our investigators. THEY ARE SO SMART! And they have such strong testimonies!

I love them.

There's an Elder from the MTC that got his mission debit card issued at the same time I did. He got his Visa YESTERDAY! So...maybe that means I might have mine too....but I'll have to wait until stinkin Saturday to find out! Anyway.

Maybe I'll be in Brazil next week! Woohoo!

Pray that I don't die! :P

Love you all!
-Sister Huskey #2

Monday, January 13, 2014

The only picture taken this week

Family Photo

Going to Jail. Getting Lice. Exchange with Sister Shumway. Finding People EVERYWHERE!


And Friends.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Emily, Hunter, and Isabel!

This week, I went to Jail.

I got my FBI clearance done on Tuesday! Getting fingerprints done was way sketch. I had to go into the guts of the Jail, it was a little awk. But kinda cool all at the same time.

The FBI Clearance takes 6-8 weeks. So that means that I'll probably be staying here another transfer, I'll be in the OTM for at least HALF my mission.

Can my 18 months just start when I actually get to Brazil, please?!

That would be sweet.

This week we also got Lice…This week week we also got rid of lice.

Between those two events, I am now a broke missionary. (as we always are) haha.

It's been fun this week.

Monday was FREEZING COLD, I mean arctic temperatures, for real. We had to walk everywhere Monday and Tuesday and I thought I was going to just die from the cold. (but then I thought about the Pioneers and was totally grateful for the rubber boots I had on)

Because of my exciting Exchange last week with the Sister Training Leader, Sister Shumway came out to be with us for a day to check out the other half of the story. We had a blast with her!

The day after, we had a Zone Conference, we are now allowed to watch the movie, Ephraim's Rescue! And as of next transfer we will again have Junior and Senior Companions. We are/were  the only mission on the world without them. (weird right?) It'll be weird switching over but, it'll be good.

Well good news everyone! Miami is leading the Zone! Woop woop! Yesterday we had EIGHT people come to church and we have 11 people with baptismal dates right now. So many of the people we are teaching are so prepared, and we've found them all within the last few weeks, it's amazing. They are literally coming out of nowhere, we feel so blessed to be trusted with these individuals, but it is so overwhelming at the same time. Planning is nuts these days. But I love every bit of it.

We are teaching one guy named Filiberto, he speaks Spanish but understands most English, Knowing Portuguese comes in GREAT handy with him. It makes it so easy to translate Spanish. When we teach him I speak "Spanaguese" but it totally throws my pronunciation for both of them languages. Haha. Oh well.

We have a lot of people that we are teaching who have the most amazing stories. I wish I could tell them all, but it would take forever.


Make good choices everyone!

-Sister Huskey

Monday, January 6, 2014


The Hacketts

Miami is a Frozen Tundra.

This week started off with Christmas Conference, it was SO much fun. We drove with the Joplin YSA sisters and got to go to the Hackett's house for dinner on our way home!
Gotta love that family!
Tuesday was also New Years Eve, we got to stay up until 10:30!
I went on a challenging exchange this week. Everyone knows I'm pretty stubborn and head strong...well this particular STL tried to tell me that some rules existed (that really didn't) so I challenged her on it. It caused some tension, but the next day when we exchanged back we had a little meeting with her and my companions, one of them had a similar experience in an earlier exchange. So we told her how we felt.
It was pretty frustrating, because guess what. SHE'S EXACTLY HOW I USED TO BE (that's right, change go ahead and jump for joy) NO emotion. NO sincerity. drove me nuts.
There's no getting though to people like that..
I guess the good thing is that I know that I'm not like that anymore, no longer enclosed with iron walls. It's pretty hard to feel the spirit when you do that to yourself.
So that's changed, but not to worry I am still very much Headstrong, that...has not changed. haha!
Anyway, Saturday was crazy, we taught SO MANY PEOPLE and we had so much fun doing it. By 12am we had done service for 2 families, taught 3 lessons, and found a new family to teach. By the end of the day we had a LOT more lessons and found ANOTHER family!
So fun.
Saturday night it snowed and snowed and snowed, Church was called off on Sunday morning and I was sick, we walked in the snow all day and we'll be doing the same today probably...eventually I plan on getting better.
We're having lots of fun out here in Miami, we've got a few baptisms coming up! One on the 15th and two on the 25th! We are stoked!