Monday, October 21, 2013


Someone call up Brazil and Ask them where my Visa isss!!!
I'm dying.
This week was BUSY. And next week is BOOKED. It's awesome. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was emailing!
We had a Canadian Thanksgiving with some members here in Fort Smith since Elder Gulbranson is Canadian, it was way fun. The Spanish Elders said that they had gotten a call from "Anti-Andy" that day too, so It was exciting to hear about what the guy said. But what was EVEN cooler was that I have answers for those concerns/qestions of his. Cha-ching! I think it's safe to say that I'm not afraid to answer questions, regardless of what they might be about, or who they are coming from.
I'm rock solid.
Lately I've been missing my 'wordly' music, but I've found an even greater joy because I don't have that luxury. There is a new song out called "What Does the Fox Say?" pretty much everyone talks about it. And since we don't exactly have the means by which to play said song, we just have them sing the chorus for's ridiclous. I'm excited to find out what it really sounds like one day....or maybe I'll just keep very far away from that one. haha. sounds like it'll kill a couple hundred brain cells.
Can't have that! Gotta focus on the work!
We had 2 baptisms in our ward on Saturday, Elder Phelps and Elder Gulbranson had a boy from a less active family...we did too. Theirs was named Michael, and so was ours. He was 9, and ours was 9, annnndd both had blonde hair.
We tried to spread the word about our baptism not really knowing the mix-up that might occur as the Elders were spreading the word about their baptism.
It was awesome though.
I also learned this week that half the time missionaries just eat to be curtious. ha! I don't know how many times I was eating this week on an ALREADY overflowing stomach. yikes.
I also got to go on exchanges this week with Sister Pahl. It was SO cool. a lot of really awesome things happened and it was just a really good exchange.
On Sunday Sister Boll and I sat in on the Spanish Branch so that they could have a piano player. It was fun listening to the talks and semi-knowing what they were talking about and getting to translate a little bit of it to Sister Boll. Can I just say that I am so stoked to be speaking Portuguese 24-7? STOKED. haha.
Elder Phelps asked me this week, "What if you actually do get stuck here for the rest of your mission?" and I told him that I'd be happy, least I can speak English!
Line of the Week: From a former investigator named Betty: "I used to have pictures of my grandkids on the wall...but then I realized, this is MY HOUSE!"
          ....all the pictures in her house are of herself..haha! Classic betty..
The pictures are from Canadian Thanksgiving and Michael's Baptism!! :D 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sister Mormons

Van Buren is CRAZY!
It is a Marathon every day out here. We hardly get a breath of air. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Thank you to Cheryl for the letter. I needed it WAY bad, and I got it in PERFECT timing.
And Mom, I FINALLY got your package...luckily the food was still decent enough to eat...I choked it down...Just kidding. I basically inhaled it.  SO good.
This week was Penny Surfing week. Fall is comin on in quite nicely, so the wind is PERFECT. I highly encourage it!
But the most exciting part of the week was on Wednesday. I get a call from the Mission Office. Sister Boll says, "MAYBE IT'S YOUR VISA!!!" Soooo now I'm freaking out. It totally could be...But it wasn't instead I hear, "Hi, Sister Huskey. I just got of the phone with your Mother.."
In my head I AUTOMATICALLY think: "Who died?!" and "How could I have POSSIBLY made her mad all the way from here?" and a slew of other things. I really did think someone had died though. Turns out she just wanted to know if I had gotten her package yet...which I didn't, but I did on friday and it was awesome.
One of the best stories this week was when Andrew came out with us to do some lessons.  The first one was with an investigator who we just taught the Law of Chastity to. So we were following up. This guy is like....really old. But he says, "you know, in my day, I was pretty permiscuous...(turns to poor little Andrew) What about you!?" Bahahhaha. oh man. so funny. Sorry Andrew. He took it like a Champ though.
The best part about being down here is probably getting to hear about what everyone things about the Government shutdown. NO ONE know anything, here are some of the golden ones:
We ask: "So what's the deal with the Gov. shut down?"
"Well...all I know is that we're all going to be living in the woods soon"
"They said that they're going to change the national anthem to 'Party in the USA'!!!"
"All I know is that we have a Muslim for President!"
B:"It's our President's fault! And he wasn't even born in the USA!!!"
us: "Where was he born then?"
B:"He was one of those...other foreign countries!!!"
Bahhahaha. SO classic. Gotta love it.
We also have a pretty lively Sunday school class. It keeps me going. I look forward to it every week. It's a hilight FOR SURE.
(email me if you want to know the full story ;])
Ahhhh..yep, that's about it.
Have a great week everybody!
Sister Huskey #2