Monday, May 19, 2014



This dog followed us ALL OVER Lages on Sunday when we got lost. It was awesome. He´s my new bff. I fed him some of Julie´s Granola!

Lages has Wormholes

This week went by pretty stinkin fast (thank goodness) 
The language is gettin better bit by bit, I´m starting to get the gyst of what everyone is saying and I´ve been able to start contributing to lessons and stuff. 
THAT is the best feeling ever, really. 
Brasil has taught me a few things that I probably never would have discovered otherwise....first, being patient with myself. It is SO hard. I can hardly do anything on my own, and I rely a LOT on my companion and on the Spirit to help me..which is another thing I´m learning, how to LISTEN to the spirit. I do not know Portuguese at all, but I know how to heed the directions of the spirit, and that is a bleessing, because if I didn´t know how to do that, i would just be useless basically. 
I´ve also discovered a talent, that i never really considered a talent, I can clap really loud!! haha it´s awesome. And really useful here in Brazil..because clapping is the thing to do instead of knocking. haha. 
We had a Zone Training Meeting on Thursday, which was probably really awesome...but I wouldn´t be able to tell you . haha. 
This week I am SUPER grateful for the gym we had in Tahlequah...we are ALWAYS running for the bus..allwwayyyyss, we always almost miss it, but somehow 99% of the time we always catch it RIGHT at the perfect moment.  Its awesome. We also spend a lot of time getting lost and we´ve come to the conclusion that Lages had worm holes..the roads here make NO´s horrible. we can´t find annything. haha. one day we´ll get the hang of it...hopefully! 
This week we have divisions, I´m kindof REALLY dreading it becase...I just got here. haha. but It´ll be interesting, I´m sure I´ll survive :D 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Chillin in the Mission Office with the CREWWW.

Me and Sister Munafo..I drew this with my eyes shut.

President and Sister Fernandez and Sister Munafo and ME!

about to eat a chicken heart...YIKES

Creepest pic ever....

out the window of our apartment!

Little District Fam

getting off the plane!

BRAZIL!!! Area 1: Lages

ok coming to the mission I was SO nervous, except when we landed, it was SO exciting. We stayed in Floripa on Wednesday and most of Thursday, we got to stay the night in this SUPER nice hotel. Me, Sister Mickelsen, Sister Van Wagnen, Elder Mcleve and Elder Ellis all came together, it was a stinkin blast. 
The first night we had dinner with President Fernandez and his wife at their house, we sang Come Unto Christ (i think there´s a video of it on facebook) and another song..that we picked randomly and totally botched. haha. 
oh well. 
it was a lot of fun. 
On thursday we did all of our Police stuff and EVENTUALLY went to the bus station to go to LAGES!! It was SO sad leaving everyone, the 5 of us have been inseperable for the past 2 weeks, and more..haha. oh well. 
It´s even weirder that Sister Van, Sister Mickelsen and I will all be back together in the hotel again in just about 7 months! CRAZY!!
I´m excited though. 
So far Lages has been great, the hardest part is that I don´t know the language, and that is sooooo frustrating, but we always have things to do..Running for the onibus is just one of those things that we do A LOT. 
Sister Munafo is my new companion, shes american and new to this area too, so it´s been quite the adventure, we get lost A LOT. 
on our way home from interviews on friday we got lost for like....3 hours. hahaha. oh well, worse has happened....I also ate a chicken heart...THAT could´ve killed me. forrrsurrree. 
It actually wasn´t that bad. 
but at the same was a chicken heart. 
We are having lots of fun. It was a blast talking with Leisha and Dad last night! Dad said, Just baptize everyone and come home early! .hahah I miss you too dad! I´m excited to be home again! It wont take long! 
anwyay, i´m going to try and send a bunch of picutures to the blog before my time is up, love you all! 
-Sister Huskey #2