Monday, August 25, 2014


Monday night we had our last Almoço with our members in Lages 

The Irmã that had us over didn´t tell her daughter that we were coming. When she got home from school se was SO excited to see us! "SISTEERRRSSSS!!" 

Gotta love it. Monday night was one of the hardest goodbyes. When we go to their house they weren´t home, bu twe weren´t going to leave without saying goodbye to them, so we waited, and it was all worth it. 

Next to Larry way back in transfer #2, saying goobye to Adriane and her family was the hardest. Love her.
The New sisters for our area had already gotten to lages, so we got to give them a little overview of the area- Lucky them. 
Tuesday! DAD´S 80th BIRTHDAY!!! WooHoo!!! JK,  :) But it really does feel like we´ve been away that long. haha. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! LOVE YOU! 
Tuesday was a travel day, I woke up at 4:30- Got on bus #1 at 6:00-arrived in Florianopolis at 11ish. And then came the challange of the day...Moving all my american luggage from one side of the terminal to the other..Thank goodness for Elders! I spotted three of them and comissioned their help...which they gladly gave. haha. I got on bus #2 a little later and stayed on that wagon until 9:00 Ohhhh the joys....Oh! And MOM! I FINALLY ate the LAST thin mint! AHHH!! 

My comp was waiting for me at the terminal and we called to have a memeber pick us up. Another sister from Floripa was riding with us on the bus for this area too, and you would not believe it unleess you saw it, but what I´m telling you now is 100% truth. 
We fit 2 BIG suitcases, 2 duffels, My carry-on, 2 pillows, and a bunch of little  bags, boxes, and backpacks in their TINY OLD 5 passenger car with 6 people inside. Undetectable Extention Charm anyone?  But Hermione was nowhere to be seen, so I guess we´ll just have to call it a MIRACLE!!

The rest of the week was just filled with more miracles and sister Gaitan is amazing, seriously. She´s from Argentina, so we´re both about the same level when it comes to Portuguese, but man, seh is NOT afraid to work hard, to find people , to teach, to do anything, she´s amazing, you would think that she´s been out for forever, but she JUST finished training! 

On wednesday morning she told me that we were starting new with the area- that they had just cut pretty much everyone. But I´ll tell ya, with her, it´s not hhard to go looking fo rthe elect. And wednesday, we sure did fid one. WE went to teach a contact and this contatct had a friend over-I´ve never seen anyone listen so intently to what we were teaching. She asked questions-wanted to know more, the whole 9 yards, so you better believe that we marked another day with her. 

Wednesday night, for the first time in a long time I had to use ALL the strength I had to get up off my knees after we said our prayers. I think all the hills have a little something to do with it ,but it sure did feel good! 

Thursday we had our District meeting in Iomeia, where the first Capella in Brazil is still standing tall and strong, and BLUE! 

It was cool to see a little bit of church history out here in Brazil :) 

​The View :)

The elders in Impomeia live about 15  minutes away by car, and the busses only come once ina blue moon, so they literally hitch hike fromt he apartment to the church everytime they have to go. hahaha. it was funny watching them try and hitch a ride. we would´ve done it too, and we did try, but- not very many women drive out here- so it really was impossible...and we ended up just waiting for the but (I know you´ll be grateful mom. haha) 

It took awhile, but they finally got a ride! 

Whe we got home we got right back to work and later had our meeting with out ward mission leader, who is a former Brazil Florianopolis home about 9 months ago...a little strange, but oh each their own! 

Friday we decided to finda a new family to teach, and we came home with two! One of the blessings of being foreigners...however that word is that people have to listen closely to understand us. For us it´s AWESOME because we can know who is really interested or not, and for our gators, its good, because they actually have to pay attention haha..

We were so excited after this lesson we had with the 2 little families- we went home to refresh our supply of Book of Mormons and ate some bread for congratulations (and because we were hungry. haha) 

And of the assistants called...for like 2 seconds, he asked who he was talking to and then hung was strange, Maybe he called the wrong area? OK, cool, see ya...
BUT THEN...PRESIDENT CALLED...and i had JUST gotten done with telling Sister Gaitan that I had a weird fear of her getting an emergency transfer, so I was FREAKIN here´s how it went...

Me: "Allo, President! Tudo bem?"
Prez: "Tudo bom Sister, e você?" 
Me: "Nossa, President nos acabamos de ensino DUAS familias, foi perfeito!"
Prez: "Parabens sisters. Sister Huskey, Eu tenho alguma coisa para você."
(and now I´ll do the rest in English.) 
Prez: "Area you standing up or sitting down?"
Me: "Uhh.........standing?"
Prez: "Sister Huskey, you have been called ot be the Sister Training Leader over the Impomeia Zone."
Me: "" 
Prez: "Sim Sister. Você. Aceita?" 
Me:  "Sim President."

He went on to say don´t worry about the language experience, it´s your missionary experience you have and the Lord needs you to use that experience to help the sisters in your Zone. He said a bunch of other things  and that was that. 
When I got off the phone and told Sister Gaitan she squealed and gave me the biggest hug, "PARABENS SISTER!!" 
In that moment I felt a little (or a LOT) like I felt when I was called to be Girls´s Camp President....overwhelmed, inadequate, unprepared, but also the love the savior has for me, A LOT of times we don´t see our own potential, or we think we do, but its so much lower than what the Lord has in store for us. Heavenly Father´s view of us is so  much bigger than anything we could ever dream ov. 

So wish me luck, because I´m going to need it! 

WE had a lesson later on with an oldie menos ativo he said something that struck me- "God doesnt need us, we need god!"- and I thought, maybe that´s true, but it´s all wrong at the same time. I heard, "I may not NEED you ut I sure do WANT you, more than anything, to come home." I thought about mom and dad, and how they would NEVER want us to NOT come home, sure they dont NEED us to come home, but they sure do want us (and I want to too. haha) And so the same goes with the big guy, Heavenly Father, really, doen´t NEED us to continue, but really, he does WANT us. And so...I guess he really does need us. But we first have to want him too. WE, as missionaries call that DESIRE, and desire, if planted, and cared for, becomes faith, and faith through obedience, and patience, turns into eternal life in his presence. 


​We walked two hours to the end of the world to find Evelyn. She lives in the las Biarro, on the LONGEST and what felt like the steepest road in Caçador- in the last house... We were sweaty, and swollen, and sleepy when we got there, but it was all worth it because that woman is PREPARED. dang. love her. 

WE also had 2 baptisms on Saturday night, 

Two 15 year old boys, it was awesome. 

Sunday they were confirmed- the spirit was SO stron and all of the 6 investigators we had at church and all of the other sister´s investigators that were there coud feel the DIFFERENCE. 

SO this week, despite the hills and the climbling, and the sore feet, and the weak knees and the sun burns and the scrapes and the rejection....we saw miracles- and every night we got home and knew we did what we needed to do that day. I don´t think there exists a better feeling. 

my brazilian ladies...

The view! 

This area is awesome. The san fransicso hills all over are the wost part - but the elect truly live here, I love it. I think that it´ll be my last area on the mission. which is super weird. I am the OLDES misionary and the OLDEST person in this apartment of 4- but you wouldn´t know it, these girls are stellar missionaries. It´s freaky how fast it´s all coming to a close, but I will cherish every day of it, and give it my all. 

-Sister Huskey #2 

​My nasty swollen feet, but PROOF of TANNAGEE!! WOOOHOOO! GET SOMMEEE!!! hahahaha. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

When Lightening Strikes.

This week was the week of Natural disasters. 

On Tuesday...the WHOLE CITY lost power because of this went home, we couldn´t walk around in the pitch black..haha. The light came back on at about 930...not even a minute later we hear THE LOUDEST clap of thunder ever...and our lights go back out..

Did we just get hit by lightening? 

Yep, we surely did. 

The next day we were without light, (not a big deal) AND we didn´t have NObody took a shower. haha. 

We had interviews with president, and by the time we got home after, everything was all fixed! :D yay! 

Then the next day, our water jug fell off the table...and about 1000 gallons of water were in every corner of the apartment in the blink of an eye. The good thing about brazil is that these houses are buil like one big shower, theres a few different drain points in the house so it made it SUPER easy to clean up. thank goodness. haha

Man, the week went by in a blur, Tomorrow I´m getting transfered to Caçador, I´ll be traveling for 14 hours on a bus. WOOHOO! It isn´t really that far away, if I took a bus from here to there it would take maybe 4 hours, but it wont...I have to go back to Floripa before I can get a bus to take me to Caç it sould be an interesting day.

Love you all! Have a good week! 

-Sister Huskey #2

The Elders, us, some of the youth and an extra old lady in the backround! 

"I think we sould knock...just incase!"

The fathers day treats we made for Janta dos Pais! 
Happy Father´s day! (yet again. haha) 

Noooooonnneeeeissshoommeeeeeeeee...and it´s raining. #alldayerryday

Monday, August 11, 2014

Feliz Dias Dos PAIS!!

​First of all: Feliz Dias dos PAIS!!! WOOHOOO! (that was yesterday here in Brazil!) 

We had a good LONG week this week, so I´m just going to tell it to you in pictures ​:D

Monday night we had FHE at the Stake President´s house, everyone eats hot dogs for dinner here (it really isn´t a big meal here, like lunch for us) I´v NEVER not had a dinner here that wasn´t hot dogs, haha! 

​They had a double banana in the fruit basket, it´s a little hard to tell, I´ve never seen one before, but aparantly it´s REALLY common here. 

​Sister Soares left us this week, Here we are, splitting our last chocolate together, this was Tuesday, and we found out soon after that the assistants forgot to buy her ticket, so she didn´t really leave until the next day. 

​Tchau! Nos Amamos Você, Sister Soares!! 

​A HUGE thing of vegtable oil! Woohoo! 

​Takin a breather at a members house.

​Ward Activity, the daughter of the new fam we´re teaching. Having a selfie feature on the camera sure has it´s benefits! 

​Playing Musical Chairs and WINNING! 

​Our little investigator fam! Arent they so cute!?

Their story is SO cool! 
Michael (the dad), Lillian (the mom), Lucas (the cousin of Lillian), and they have 2 little girls 4 months and 4 years  

Ok, Michael works with our Stake President, his family has already had most of the missionary discussions, but they got swept away by some Assemblea de Deus dudes and his fam started going there, but then a few months ago the Preacher there started preaching false doctrine about the Mormons, so they were getting a little annoyed at that, then one day in church their baby was crying and eveyone was looking at them with the look of condemnation "how -dare-you-bring-your-crying-baby-into-this-church" type look, someone suggested that they leave, so they did and they never went back. 
WELL...about a month later, when we were eating lunch with the Stake President and his family, we all invited them to invite a friend to the upcoming ward activity, President said, "I have THE perfect family!" and he told us all about their church adventures. So the next day at work President gave Michael an invitation to the activity, Michael put it in his pocket and forgot about it. 
a few days later Lillian had a dream (most people here arent REALLY married) that the Stake President was Marrying them, she told this to Michael and he rememberd the invitation and gave it to her! Needless to say they came to the activity.
We set an appointment to see them...but something happened and we couldnt go. President Daniel is THE Man though and invited them to church. 
So last sunday they were there in their house wondering if it would be too awkward to show up late, at that EXACT moment that they were trying to decide, President sends Michael a text, "if you have to be late, don´t worry about it, we´ll be here for you." and they decided to go. 
After Sacrament Daisey, the Stake President´s wife invited them for an FHE at their house the next day. They agreed. 
So we went to the Stake President´s house and had FHE. Man, the lesson was SO simple, but the spirit was SO strong. it was awesome. At the end of the Lesson President Daniel invited them to take the missionary discussions again, They accepted and we marked to go over the next evening. 
So we prepared and got ready to teach the first lesson. It.was.PERFECT. Like, seriously, NOTHING was there to distract them during the whole thing. They want to get baptized, but they want to make sure it´s right first (which is clearly understandable and expected) They also have the mony to get married and just need a day. They came to church again this sunday and we are going over to teach them again tomorrow. And ALL the girls in the ward are super cute, and have little crushes on Lucas (who is 16 and probably loves all the attention). 
They are a miricle and a half.

​Elder Maya EATING ALL the desserts! 

​Again, the benifits of a selfie cam. LOVE these cute little girls! 

​Theis is stinkin adorable. She is almost 16, and is beyond excited to serve a mission. Gotta love her. 

anyway, that´s about all for this week. 
This one´s for you Daddy! 

Love you all! 

-Sister Olivia Huskey 

Monday, August 4, 2014

We Are Not the Ordinary...

...Fearlessly extraodinary. Workin right, just harry carrey, in our humble wayyyyyyyy!....

Not going to lie, this week was R-O-U-G-H...but thankfully, being a missionary you get special blessings, and that´s the ablility to forget all the bad things and just remember the good things. SO even though I remember this week being hard, I can only remember all the awesome good stuff that happened. 

Monday: Aint nobody was home...that was a bummer
Tuesday: We got SUPER lost on our way to Almoço like...we walked at LEAST five unneeded miles to get there...and after it only took us 10 minutes to walk home. hahaha. 

I bought a bible at the São Paulo distribution center while I was in the CTM, I had always planned on using it, but never did, since my other (and bigger one) was already all marked I put it in a box of stuff I would probably never use(but didn´t want to throw away) BUT THEN- one of our investigators said she didn´t have one- "lightbulb!"- It took about 0.00001 miliseconds for me to remember I had an extra and say "I have one for you!" I took it later to her in the week, and man, I don´t know if I´ve ever seen anyone so grateful. I knew that little guy would be useful! 

Wednesday- I lost my planner- it was DEVISTATING...I made a new one later in the day, but man, I´m STILL trying to get over the loss. haha. It was such a good plannerrr! Sister Munafo says that I´m the MOST organized companion that she´s ever had, more than her 39 year old former teacher companion....she has diagnosed me with OCD...I´ll take it. (Michelle from Christella´s also said the same thing...I´m starting to wonder if I really do have OCD! hahaha.)

Thursday- We had a successful English class and FINALLY taught the Plan of Salvation to Aline! Woop Woop! 

Friday- August 1st (For Real?) Our electric bill history makes it seem like August will be a LOT warmer than June or July, but everyone says that winter will stick around until September, at least. But man, EVERY DAY (so far) has just been PERFECT! I guess you can´t compete with electric bill history...
I ate subway on friday was SO DELICIOUS! Apart from the fake cheese and lack of ranch dressing, it was stinkin good!! 
We also found two LIVE frogs on our way to an investigator´s house. Usually they´re dead and paper thin in the road, guts and all spilled out in front of´s gross. 

Saturday: We ate lunch with members who live on the military base. They announce when people are going in by setting off fireworks! haha. it´s pretty awesome. 

Annddd investigators showed up to church! AHHH! It was a miricle! 

We are having an FHE activity with the Stake President and his family and one of our gator-fams tonight, should be pretty good!

Sister Soares is getting emergency transfered this week and we´re getting 2 new sisters! Woohoo! Things should be a lot easier now that we just have one area to work in. We´re sad that she´s leaving, but it´s a big relief that we have 2 more coming in! 


Frog #1!


Soo....I have a thing for taking pictures with homeless dogs..I think this is my record so far! 5 homeless dogs in ONE picture! 

Triplit homeless dogs! 

Helping my little buddy with homework! (I think I was strugglin just as much as she was with it. haha) 

She cut her bangs all by herself! haha. Gotta love her! 

Me and Sister Soares on the BASEEEE.

Frog #2!