Friday, July 26, 2013


I'm not...not yet...
one day though.
Best line of the week: "All I know is that we're going to be proselyting and pooping" -Elder Anderson....after talking about travelers Diahreah..haha
My favorite words.
so fun. We found out that Portuguese actually sounds like someone speaking Spanish with their mouth full of food. HAHAHA. it's true though. but Portuguese is WAY better.....sooo yeah. 
If you speak Spanish, you can speak Portuguese. 
anyway. This week was great. I love my companion. We love Portuguese. We are Brown. #Brazillians. 

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Week 2

That awkward moment when you realize you're the oldest person i your district....the awesome moment when you figure out that the oldest person in the disrict (aka me) entered the MTC while still 19.
Ola Familia!
Ya'll did a SUPER great job at writing me this week...*cough* that's a joke.
Good thing I have a million other friends who love me enough to flood my inbox with love...ok, that's a joke too. I wil give you a week to reedeem yourselves. My P-day is FRIDAY and we print off emails at 5:45 AM sooo....Do it. OR send me a Dear Elder, that's almost better, because I get it the same day.
So P-day at the MTC is SUPER boring, last week my comp and I just wandered around the little bookstore for like an hour.
We were tryng to see if we could get our scriptures ingraved because EVERYONE and their dog was like "They toats do it there, and if you get scriptures there, they do it for free!" Yeah, guess what THAT WAS A LIE. No such thing exists. Sooo were our dreams crushed? Yes...yes they were.
Well here are some things that will let you know that you are DEFINITELY a missionary:
1. after getting to know other people super well/better than anyother person you've ever met, you start to wonder what their first name is. (first names are WEIRD!) haha
2. You give SUPER great advice accompanied by a scripture. For example DON'T EAT THE MEATBALLS!!! See Jerimiah 4:19 (sick...not personal experience btw haha!)
3. You really start to miss the outside world, so you start comparing people (mainly the Elders) to people on Tv:
For example.... Elder Anderson= Elder VanPelt (The Best Two Years) Elder Rhoton= Wreck it Ralph. Elder Johnson (Elder Rhoton's comp)= Fix it Felix and Elder Underwood= Syd(Ice age)
All the elders in our district like to have "matching" ties most days. Once we told them that they looked like The Wiggles. Well, the next gym time they all show up dressed in different colors of the rainbow!  Bahhaha!
 FINALLY (this one doesnt realy count) Elder Young= Tim spitting image. So werid.
4. You know you're a missionary when you "steal" picutres of Jesus and the Prophet from another classroom to put into yours...
5. Missionary work is exhausting, but the hardest part? Trying to make the regular sized fitted sheets fit on the extra long mattresses. You break a sweat like it's no one's business.
I'm really loving the MTC. The air is DRY and it burns my throat, the toilet paper pulls off ONE SQUARE at at time -___- and the chairs are SUPER uncomfortable, but I love it regardless.
My companion and I have been assigned to be the ward's kindof a big deal because we also get another title, "Best smiles in the Branch" Holla!
In my interview with President Coffman he said, "if you don't learn a LICK of Portuguese you will still have converts." Good thing, because my Portuguese STRUGGLES!!
This week FOUR people in our branch got their Visa's! None in my district, but one from a group the same week as us and three from a group that's just a  week old.
THERE IS HOPE!!! Buuuutttt it really does seem like everyone is getting their visas except district 54-F -__- Boooo...
On sunday we got a 3rd counselor...Guess who!!? KRISTEN MASONS GRANDPARENTS!!! Say whaatt! Hopefull someone who sees this tells her, and also tells her to write me cauuusseee I need her new address in MONTANA!
On Tuesday we had devotional at the Marriott Center, it was broadcast/sent to ALL the other MTC's around the world. Sweet, right?! Well Grace and I were some how in the choir together and SOMEHOW sat in the same row...after I switched with a poor sister afraid of heights. After the devotional they took a HOLY HUGE group photo of EVERYONE in the MTC...and I'm pretty sure they said it's only the third one they've ever done. And Grace and I got to stand next to eachother for it! So that's pretty cool...even though you'll never be able to tell, because were at the VERY BACK. haha! It's the simple things though. Love it. The Church is true.
Also...I am PRO at 4-Square...just so you know. I totally dominated the other day during gym.
Anyway, write me fools!
-Sister Huskey
Portuguese Phrases of the week"
-Practice your "R's" with this
"Arara loria falara? Fala arara loria." (Will the blonde parott speak? Speak blonde parrott.)
-Choose the Right in Portuguese is "Conserve a tua Rota" meaning Keep your path.
-My favorite "Sono com as anjos" Meaning Dream with the Angels. Cute huh?

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Friday, July 12, 2013

MTC Week 1!

The MTC is GRREEAAT- The langage is hard and as of now thats really my only struggle, which is great.
If you come to the MTC you're going to learn a few things:
1. You are almost always guaranteed a photobomber in every picture you take- and it's usually always Elders, they're silly.
2. It IS possible to eat healthy here ( and the food is SUPER delicious)
3. missionaries are not used to people showing affection and so when we watch movies on Sundays or holidays they have to announce to the Missionaries to not make Cat calls or clap at the "romance" in the movie. AKA Joseph Smith and Emma giving eachother longing looks. haha!
4. you realize that you use the bathroom like 80 times a day because you have to drag your companion everywhere with you(we're going to keep a tally this week to see how many times I go...which is like. A TON) \
5. Biblical/ Scriptural humor is at its finest here at the MTC
6 Learning a language is HARD and super hilarious all at the same time. When My comp and I are super tired we say "Estau quazi morto corpo" roughly (not spelled right) I'm an almost dead body. We die laughing.
Getting my name tag was probably one of the coolest moments of my LIFE. Getting my companion was another.
She's the best, we met on facebook before, so that's pretty cool. But we seriously get along SO well!
Getting up in the morning is NOT hard. It's the staying up that's the challange. I have NEVER fallen asleep in all my years of schooling, and now I am so close to doing it literally every day! it's bad. haha
we have this thing called TALL on the computer thats supposed to "help" us learn the language. I find it ridicliously boring and we always have it right after lunch (aka PRIME food coma time) PORQUEEE!!?
We have pretty big chunks of time to study too so, i usually have to wander around the tiny little classroom of ours reading my book to keep from falling asleep.Even's a little sketch. 
Ok, Funny moments:
In class an elder made this comment on the topic/conversation: "We have to gain their trust before diving into deep questions. They need to feel comfortable.
Irmo Durff: "Porque"
Elder: "Because we don't want to be like JW's"
Bahahahah. ok...maybe you had to be there. here's another story...\
"Conar" (that's how it sounds anyway) means to date someone with romantic intent. So, we all know that the Strength of Youth pamphlet encourages youth to date lots of people right? Well, the translation to Potugueses is a little rough, and so there it says basically to date a lot of people very romatically..or whatever. so people like, believe that that's what the bretheren want (even though its not) ANYWAY.  Elder Anderson says..."Man, why doesn't ours say that too!?" haha! ahhhh. I hope this is at least a LITTLE funny to you.
Our district is AMAZING btw. We have 6 companionships 4 Elders and 4 Sisters are going to Floripa and the rest are going to Sao Paulo North! Graces Mission! Cool eh?
One of the COOLEST moments though BY FAR has been walking to and from devotional on Tuesdays to the Marriott Center. There are SO MANY missionaries. All the Elders and Sisters from the Main MTC campus and MTC west walk together in this MASSIVE flowing mob of Mormon missionaries.
Right now I am part of the MOST powerful army in the world. I don't doubt that it isn't true for a second. It's so amazing to see, I wish you could all feel the power beind the footseps of all these humble misionaries.
Every day we get some gym time and our District always plays together, our favorite is Volley ball out on the sand courts, because we get to be bare foot! We like to play knockout and the classic 4 square too.
Teaching our "investigators" is rouggghhh, but we always feel so invigorated once it's over. they really show us how much we've learned here at the mtc..which is A LOT!
The days are going by SOOO fast. the first half week was crazy slow. it's so weird, but once we hit monday, every day goes by soo quickly. Time here is pretty weird. but it's so precious and I'm loving every moment of it!
Alright, well, until next week!
Vida Longa e Prospera!
-Sister Huskey!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Off to the MTC!

Well, it looks like its just about that time.
I'm going to the MTC! 
It STILL doesn't feel real. 
I'm staying with my older sister in Provo, so it just feels like I'm visiting them, no big deal.
It was good because I slept like a ROCK last night... I guess pulling an all nighter the night before to pack with my girl Bailey helped that out a little bit too. 
I took a bunch of like 5 minute naps yesterday so I could actually function. 
We saw Despicable Me 2 with everyone I definitely fell asleep a couple times during that! Haha
But it's been good. I'm pumped. 
Only a few more hours till I get my tag!! Woo! Wish me luck! And write me! I'll be missin you all!