Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Final Countdown. Part 2

The other night I had a dream. 

I was in Texas waiting for Gracie´s flight from São Paulo to get in. I was watching the news, and someone said that her plane was going to crash, that there was nothing that they could do...

I started freaking out. I first thought that Grace must be freaking out  more than me, she probably already knows! So then I started praying, 

and then....

I got a phone call from Elder Uchtdorf, he said "Sister Huskey, everything is going to be ok, the plane isn´t going to crash." 

"But, everyone is saying that it will!" 

"But it wont!" He said. 

and then I remembered, Yeah, he´s probably right, Elder Uchtdorf knows a LOT about airplanes! 

and everything was ok. 


THAT is the story of the week. hope ya enjoyed!! haha.

This week, was full of miracles! It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun! 

We´re at a different LAN-House this week, so I´m FINALLY GOING TO ATTACH A PIC! WOO! 

Hope you all have a great week! 

-Sister Huskey 

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Final Countdown Pt 1

Ok, It´s just going to be SUPER brief today :) 

We spent the first half of the week in Guaratuba having exchanges with the sisters there, we even took some time on P-day to see the beach! :D 

On Thursday we had an AWESOME conference with Elder Costa, the Area president of Brazil! 


and I am now famous in the mission, because I said something funny in front of him and he made me repeat it TWO times in front of everyyyooneneeeee...hahahahah. 

now, everyone sees me and puts up a fist and says, "Nunca, Sister Huskey..."

sooo here´s what happened. 

We had a leadership meeting before the real meeting with everyone, with all the Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders. SUPER coool. at the end, we were all waiting for the rest of the missionaries to get to the chapel. 

He said, "Vocês estão cansados?" (or in english..Are you guys tired?..he probaby asked this because EVERYONE got on a bus at about 2 in the morning to be there....and we all probably had HUGE bags under our eyes....)

Sooo naturally..(YES WERE ALL TIRED) one really answered....

but. being me and not liking awkward silence or disanimation (aka being un excited in portuglais)  when a GENERAL AUTHORITY is 2 feet away from me, I (aparantly) made a fist and said fervently, "NUNCA!" 

"Isso aí Sister Huskey!!" 

he made me get up and do it again for the leadership...and then AGAIN when the meeting started with all the other missionaries. 

He went on to tell a story about Élder Perry, how he is NEVER tired:
"Elderes e Sisteres, nos presicasmos ser como Élder Perry and Sister Husky, 'Nunca' Cansados!"

o_O did he just....yeah, he just compared me to an even BIGGER general authority. 


hahhahha...soooo that´s how I´m famous in the mission now. 

after the conference I went and talked to him for a little bit. "Sister, you only have a few days left! Keep working HARD!!"

I will! I WILL! 

SOOO MUCH more happened at the conference, it was sooo coool. I got to reunite with some old companions and friends. I´ll get to see most of them again at the Conferencia de Natal in 2 weeks :D 

We came home from the conference and passed out. 

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all regular days.....

but. yeah. it was all good stuff. 



I love you alllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Sister Huskey

PS Hope everyone is getting PUMPED for December 18th!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

"30 Ovos para 10 RREAAALLLSSS!"

In our Biarro, there is a man who sells eggs. 
He drives around in his car that has a BIG OLLLLL megaphone on the top that yells for EVERYONE TO HEAR, "30 OVOS PARA 10 REALLLSLSSSSSS" 
that´s like 4 bucks for 30 eggs! 
I wanna get on that deal SO bad, but every time he drives -__- 

oh well...

This week was good. 

We started out with MLC Monday and Tuesday. 
It was awesome. President is just a big kid.  

You´ll see the pictures when I get home. 

The training was awsome, I am DEFINITELY a better missionary because of it. 

He also always gives us candy. 


Wednesday we were back in our own area. 
We had an awesome family night with a Less active family and then made a pizza burrito for lunch :) #SpanishComp

Thursday was also good. WE had ANOTHER family night with a family of Gators and some members, Churrasco and Pancakes (the brazillian kind) so good. 

Friday we had a Zone meeting with president, and Interviews. 

AHhhhh soooooocoooooooooollllllll.....

and then after ALL THAT, we had our Zone training meeting. 

freaking, it was a LONG day.

but it was awesome. 

Saturady was a bust...we´ll just leave it at that :) 

Annndd finally Sunday. SUPER good. We gave talks about missionary work...which I SUPER don´t like to do...because I´m already a missionary...but whatevs. I talked about missionary work. We have this SUEPR cool thing we´re giving to the members to help them get pumped up to do their part, and so far it´s going pretty good. :) 

There´s also a family in the ward for the next 3 months, from THE USA!!!!! I tried speaking english, but I seriously sounded like an Idiot...I could hear all the mistakes I was making but I couldn´t do anything about it!!! 


It should be interesting coming home :) 

Lunch on Sunday was amazing. we ate lunch all normal, rice, meat, tomatoes, all that good stuff...but dessert....dessert was THE BEST..


Strawberries, watermellon, mango, pineapple, banana, apple..

I ate a TON, maybe a little too much, but seriously, NOTHING beats delicious fruits on a hot humid day :) 

After we went to visit a Less active family and they....also gave us food....bolinha de chuva. I will make it when I get home. stinkin de-lish. Super simple, but I love it! 

anyyyywayyyy..last night we traveled to Guaratuba, and we´ll be here until wednesday for Divisions and then travel to Itají for a combined Zone Conference! 

aparantly this week is Thanksgiving... sooo HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Monday, November 17, 2014


First off I will just say that I don´t know when I´ll have a chance to send pictures. Sister Lima said that these computers ruined the memory cards of another sister a while back....soooooo I´m definitley not going to risk it. 

Ya´ll will just have to be patient :) 

This week was good. 

Monday I traveled and arrived here in Joinville 

Tuesday we spent the day running back and forth with sisters leaving the zone. (EXCITING) 

annnddd the rest of the week we spent looking for people to teach...the area is weak. and it´s hard. but it has potential! 

at the end of the week, we bought pizza as a reward. SO YUMMY! 

Today we´re going to Floripa for MLC, should be pretty exciting. 
annndddddddd, that is just about all the news for this week.


I hope everyone is doing good and getting PUMPED FOR DECEMBER 18TH WOOOOOO!! :D hhehehehehe.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 1.

This past week was NUTS. It all went by SO FAST, but when I remember EXACTLY what happened.....It feels like that thing happened FOREVER ago! 


I told Grace that she´s gunna have to translate for me when I get home, because people I CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH OUT LOUD. It´s THE weirdest thing. I can talk in my head and write, but my mouth just doesn´t work....soooooo GOOD LUCK everyone understanding me when I get home. #brazilianmissionaryprobs.

Do people even use Hashtags anymore?! 

It´s starting to hit me that it´s the last transfer, yesterday I said goodbye to all my people here in Caçador...Im headed to Joinville! If I remember right, there are 14 sisters in that zone...sooooooo basically I´m going to have like 2 days in my own area the whole transfer. bahahaha. Oh well #STLProbs.....ok enough hashtags. 

I was pretty sad to get the transfer call, but I knew it was comming. Last Sunday I prayed that I could stay here to finish out... I got a VERY distinct "sinking" feeling...and figured it wouldn´t happen the way I wanted to, but I began thinking about the possibilities....on thursday we went to pickup our bus tickets for District Meeting in Videra on Friday, I had three tickets... one for Videra, one to return...and One to Joinville...with no return....again I got that same distinct SINKING feeling....I almost ALMOST started to cry. AHHHH!!! But, MAYBE it was bought wrong, so I called the Mission Office and talked to Elder Hardman.
"Elder, why do I have ticket to Joinville?!" 
"uhh.....Sister, Why are you in the Rodoviaria!?" (Lots of fubecas go early to see where they´re going for transfers...but I wasn´t doing anything wrong!)
"Getting my tickets for District meeting tomorrow!"
He passed the phone to Elder Gallegos (an MTC buddy that´s also working in the office) 
"Elder Hardman just had to....go do something realllll quick."
(I figure that he was just going to talk to president and the Assistants...."SHE KNOWWWWWSSSSS!!!!"" hahaha something like that probably went down.) 
Elder Hardman again "Sister? might just be wrong...."
Me, "But you bought the ticket Elder, you bought it with a don´t make these kinds of mistakes often..."
Elder: "Well, just hang onto it, you´ll use it one day....probably.."

...yeah, that´s what I thought! haha. 

So when transfer calls came around, Elder Lima says: "Sister Huskey, where do you think you´re going...?"
"Joinville, Elder!" 
and so it is. I´m headed to JOINVILLE for the last few weeks and  I will be DYING of heat...I will probably come home a Lobster. WATCH OUT!

My companion will be Sister Emilima...she´s awesome, from Argentina and stinkin hilarious. So, I´m stoked. 

Our area is ONE Biarro of the city..ONE it has TWO streets. A few Elders that I know already served there. They say that I´ll get to know everyone reallllll quick. haha. Should be interesting, but I´m excited! 


This is how I have to spell my name for brazillians....

My breakfast this morning...Chocolate soup (cocolate milk) and Ham and Cheese tortilla! WOOHOO! 

My BFF David

That´s all for this week, The computer is being stupid, but you´ll all see the rest soon enough!

Sister Huskey #2 

Monday, November 3, 2014

This week! for real!

Today marks 16 months that Grace and I have been our in the Mission field! 

Last pday was awesome. I think the news of Dad moving back to Oregon was probably the best news that I´ve gotten in FOREVER! I can easily say that last Pday was THE best pday of my mission :D 

We traveled to Campos Novos on Monday and Tuesday had divisions with Sister Carvalho. They have a LOT of awesome people that they´re working with. 

We met a guy making a contact who has the STRANGEST beliefs. But he was super funny and gave us an awesome refferral to a super special family. You could feel the thirst for truth in the air. so cool. 

Wendesday was super unexciting. we just traveled back to Caçador...unfortunately it was on the same bus as the elders who were having divisions in another city close by. 

Thursday FLEW BY  and friday dragged on forever. ..haha it´s funny how time works on the mission sometimes. but it was an awesome week. 

in all. I said I didn´t have time to write anything, but I MADE TIME! It isn´t everything but it´s more than just pictures! haha

so for real this time! 
See ya! 
Sister Huskey #2