Monday, December 30, 2013

Belated Christmas Card

A lot of people were supposed to get this via my mom..but the envelope that I tried sending to her never made it...It came back to hopefully this makes up for it! :D

My Mini!

Alexus Wrote Me a Note :)



We have very limited time today. The librarian here today hates us.
This week was awesome.
We found two GOLDEN-Gators I love them.
I had all these things I was going to write about, but maybe I'll just have to write it and send it to mom and make her type it up.
But seriously. Hymn 336: all I can think of is a drunk man breaking a beer bottle over another dudes head. haha
I'm thinking for the music video it should be a bar fight/brawl in slow motion with a guy in the middle of it all sitting really still and singing with the orchestra lining the walls.
good idea, eh?


Guys. Missionary work is the greatest.
Audgie is on his mish now and will be in the field next week! ahhhh! It's nuts. Jessica Nelson said that they had to put up a new display case in the building to fit all the missionary plaques.
Melts my heart.
Also I got a SWEET update from my first area!

I got to go to Anderson this weekend for TWO BAPTISMS!!! Just thought I'd give you a little update:
-Eddie got baptized!! He was so excited for it that they moved the date up  a few weeks from the original date of Nov 24 that we set with him.
-Chris and Brother McPherson got married and then Chris also got baptized!! They are doing great and went to the temple this weekend to do baptisms :)
-There were at least 30 islanders there that I did not recognize, and they stayed all three hours!
-Pete Sampson and his family officially move in and he is now teaching the islander sunday school. It's a HUGE success.
-Little Leighanna who lived next door to us has been going to church for 3 weeks now!
-Brother and Sister Patrick were both there
-Rendy Lanso has been coming every week with Eddie and Meriko
-Michael Thomas blessed the Sacrament (I started bawling when I saw that. Actually I cried a lot that day.)
-Bro and Sis Thomas were also at Sacrament meeting, and there are in 2 Nephi 15 in their family scripture study :)
-Christina is the Sunbeams teacher and Rodney is the Cub Scout Master and the 2nd councilor in the Sunday School Presidency
-There were over 50 nonmembers at the ward Halloween Party
-There are applying for a bigger building at the end of the year
-There were so many people at Sacrament they had to open the partition in the back
-They split the primary into junior/ senior primary because it was so big
And last but not least.........

you don't know any of these people, but they are like family! Especially Greg, he's a HANDFUL but I am SO Proud!

Ahhh. I wish I could tell you about everything but it would take forever. I love it all, and I don't ever want it to end!

Sister Huskey

Monday, December 23, 2013

WE FOUND SHIRRICK!! Best Day Ever :)

Favorite people :)

Tree made out of uhh..Glass?

Nope, that's ice yo.

My New Sisters!

Sister Clayson (also cousin) and Sister Vance

Christmas Makes Me Trumpy.

No, not trunky, TRUMPY.

I hear all this sweet Christmas music with sweet trumpet sections and

I think I'm going to study music when I get home.
I have a list of instruments I want to master:
Bag Pipes

There's a lot of other stuff I want to do, but we don't need to get into that right now.

I've been MAJORLY stressing about coming home. I think the first thing I'm going to do is go donate plasma so that I'm not poor.

haha! Buttt I've yet to figure out anything beyond that.

oh boy. this week has been Crazy!
I'm in my new area, Miami!
and I'm with Two beautiful sisters! They are amazing, I love them to bits and pieces! The ward is awesome, and we drive a truck! wohoo!
It's the best.
I've met so many people, and this war already feels like family.
I'm excited for Christmas, we have so many fun things planned! :D

It was sad to leave Van Buren, but we spent Tuesday with the ZL's to introduce them to everyone, it was like being on exchanges...but with Elders. It was weird, but lots of fun :) Those Elders are like brothers, I'm going to miss them so much!

The ward in Fort Smith is amazing, they took such good care of us! On transfer day I got to see sister Gilbert AND sister Erickson! it was so good to see them!


Sister Clayson and I are RELATED!
Her 13th (or whatever ) Great Grandma is Pocahontas too!!!!!!

not even joking right now. It's so cool.

well. I love you all! have a good Christmas! Also, watch these videos on this page. :)

anndd GO :)
Happy Christmas!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Alex and Clara will miss me so much!

The Bull


Onto Transfer #5!!

So crazy.
This week was sweeeet.
ok, we were actually pretty sick most of the week, BUT, it was ok, because some awesome things happened.
FIRST. On Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Tulsa. SO goood. We rode "The Bull" (aka a Water's van) up with all the missionaries from our area. We listened to christmas music the whole time. Turns out Missionaries really love Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Michael Buble... at least, they are pretty popular in the OTM.
Conference was amazing, at the end President Shumway read that book, "The story of Mr Toomey." something like that. Mom will know what I'm talking about. The one about the carpenter that ALWAYS makes you cry when he starts helping the little boy carve his bird. awww yeah.
After it was alll over I wanted to go ask President about something so I just went over and stood near him while he finished talking to another elder. I looked over at my companion and started singing Thrift Shop really quiet.....because It's been stuck in my head ALLL WEEEK. Then we started playing that game like on Finding Nemo. Whoever can sing Thrift Shop closest to President Shumway without getting caught wins!
...i win.
I also ripped a phone book in half after conference was over...nbd.
pictures to come.
After conference we hit up B-dubbs! (buffalo wild wings..)  Elder Magana did the flamin wing challange. As we walk in Elder Allred says, "The marmons have arrieved! If you want to know what we believe in, we believe in 60 cent hot wings!!"
good times in the Fort.
good times.
Well after monday we were sick, so not much happened.
we had a ward chirstmas party on Saturday! It was a lot of fun. Bro. Kev and Shawn came! Woop woop! So did Shawn's son Liam. It was great. We even got to see SANTA!
I would send pictures camera's being dummbbb today so, next week you're gonna get a TON of pictures. for sure.
I'm also working on loading up a usb to send home sooooooo look out for that too! Probably in a couple weeks though.
Alright, so here's the news we've all been waiting for. Transferrr callllsss!
Van Buren is getting closed. The Zone Leader's are expanding their area and I am going to Miami, (pronounced My-AMA) Oklahoma.
I'm a THREE stater! holla!
One more and I'll have em all!
Sister Boll is going to Huntsville, Arkansas.
We get on the loop on wedensday! So tomorrow we'll be hanging out with the ZL's and introducing them to everyone!
It's crazy. Packing is hard, I have acuumulated SO MUCH STUFF!
I'll be in Miami for Christmas! I don't know what time yet...but we only have 30 minutes to talk/skype. (you can thank "the bretheren" for that one) But I'll let ya'll know when it will be.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bro Kev


ugh..nasty face..don't look too closely! haha!
hard day of work, ok?!

Another Cute Puppy!

I've finally made it!


Planning in Seattle....I Mean Starbucks! :D

5 Down. 13 To Go.

Oh man. Guess what everyone!
Grace and I hit FIVE months on Tuesday! Say whatttt?! It's crazy. I still feel like a baby. haha.
We get transfer calls on Saturday night and then we'll change on Wednesday!
I predict that I'll stay and train here in Van Buren OR that we'll both leave. Sister Boll predicts that I'll stay and train or that we'll both stay.
We'll find out soon enough!
So, remember how last week I told you I got a Tiwi card? Well, you're probably wondering what the heck that is, right?
Tiwi is a nice little man inside a black box that sticks to the windshield who yells at the driver when he or she:
Goes over the speed limit
Is aggressive driving
Is reckless driving
when our seat belts aren't buckled
or when we haven't logged into the system
It records EVERYTHING, speed, time on and off, when we get home, every-thing!
It's kinda cool.
So far I've only gotten O-N-E speeding violation.
woop! woop!
I'm a pro. I wonder if I can print out my tiwi reccord and use it for future jobs? hmmm..
I've also decided that I'm totally going to be an EFY counselor the summer I get home! GET AT ME! It's going to be sweet. I wanted to do that pre-mish, but you have to be stinkin 21 to do it. LAME. But the good thing is that RM's basically ALWAYS get the job. sooo....It's happening.
Also, Pops/Jenni, thanks SO MUCH for sending that package. LOVED it! The socks came in HAN-DY this week.
Also, this week was crazy.
Also, we got a christmas tree this week! Holla!
It's fake...but still...DOPPEEE!
*I AM a sister missionary*
...I meant to say that it's just really really cool and totally invites the TRUE spirit of Christmas into our lives ;)
haha :)
Monday we ate at the usual spot: Casa de Cureton.
They're the best, we ate mac and cheese! SO YUMMY!
They also aren't going to be able to move as soon as they thought(*YESSSS!!**)
On Tuesday I went on exchanges with my old companion, Sister Breaux, it was a GOOD day, we did WORK. Played bingo with old people (the lady I played with won like...5 bucks!) We went to the RS activity and ate our dinner via the finger food provided, and we also got to see Brother Henery.
His story is AMAZING.
Brother Henery read the book of Mormon and knew it was true at the age of 17. This area that he lives in was opened up on July 4, 2013.
on July 3, 2013 Brother Henery sent in a self-referral through
the next day when the sisters arrived they got it and they went to see him a few days later, a few WEEKS later Brother Henery was baptized.
In the beginning his family was ultra anti Mormon, but now we have lessons IN his parent's home! AHHH so cool.
anyway. I want to find a Brother Henery. that's my life goal.
Wednesday we exchanged back...whatever happened escapes me..haha.
Thursday we did our weekly planning, we could NOT focus at home so we went to Starbucks instead! It felt like we were at  home (Sister Boll is from Seattle) it smelled SO good in there and we got our planning done really quick.
That night we had a freezing rain storm/then sleet/ THEN snow.
Friday there! SO MUCH. We walked everywhere to go see people, it was actually a LOT of fun. The powder was niiiceee. I WISH with all my heart that snowboarding was allowed on the mission, because this stuff was just perfect.
our heat went out at our apartment, so we stayed with a member family from Alma. Sarah Vindel gave us some yarn to make stuff out of. I LOVE OLD LADY CRAFTS!
It reminded me of Grandma's Sister Vindel spins and hand dyes most of her stuff too, it was sweet. Who knew that you could bond with someone over wool?
Saturday we could drive! hallelujah! We also got to visit with EVERYONE we wanted to see! That was the best. LOVE those days.  We ended the night by breakin it down with Bro. Kev.
I WISH I could send the video..cause it was hilarious.
Church got cancelled on Sunday.  It was weird. Saturday and Sunday we originally planned on being in Fort Smith ALL was so weird staying here. It's like Sunday never happened. I'M GOING TO DIE!!!! haha.
We saw Bro. Kev and his brother Shaun tonight and taught them the Plan of Salvation using the Celestial Pyramid! It was SO good. Shaun loovveedd it. Shaun is a LA who is PROUD of it. Last time we brought over an object lesson he was.not.impressed. But I really think the Legos struck a cord. We got an A+ for that one.  
jk. I wont. I did get sick this weekend though, I just about heaved up the entirety of my guts this morning, but  I'ma survivor.
annnyway. it's been a good week.
No visa yet.
still FREEZING cold.
but regardless...
 (Bud-duh-bum-buh-buhh!!) I'm lovin it!

Monday, December 2, 2013


I had to teach Sister Boll about the lightsaber ways of the MTC...English speaking missionaries miss out sometimes.

Husky Man!


Brotha Kev.

Drunk as evverrrr. But we still love him! haha


Tomorrow will mark 5 months of being on the mish.
Say Whaaa?!
That's crazy.
a LOT has changed at home but the work keeps truckin on!
This week was great. First of all it was Thanksgiving!!! Which means eating a feast every day and having enough left overs to last the rest of the transfer!
On Monday we had the first Feast at the Cureton's house..anddd they told us that they are MOVING! Noooo.....Not only that but they are moving to Alma...which is the NEXT ward over and is where basically all of our investigators are/have moved to in the last week.
Stinkin Alma....
Well Brother Cureton gave me a blessing that night too...because I was just *SO* sad that they were moving. haha. just kidding.  But it was THE best...because it's the first one I've gotten on the mission so far and it was MUCH needed.
Tuesday my companion and I had a little "Best Two Years" Moment. Sister Shumway (the Mission President's Wife) called randomly in the middle of the day and said, "Guess where I am!? I'm in Arkansas! I'm coming to see you!"
AHHHHHH! We ran home and cleaned up! haha. It wasn't THAT messy..buuut this is Sister Shumway we're talkin about. Gotta have it top notch :P
It was fun having her over, we got to give her the grand tour and talk about all of our investigators with her.
Wednesday we had exchanges. I got to go to Charleston and do some work with Sister Ficklin (if I get stuck here, we'll be going home together :])
Pretty much all of our plans fell through that afternoon so we decided to do some good ol' Tracting. We said a prayer first and then I saw the house. It was basically glowing and screaming "JESUS"...oh wait..that must've just been all the Christmas Decorations. My bad...Well, we knocked on the door. A woman answered and she knew who we were immediately. She has four sisters who are all LDS, she's Baptist, but "just a believer". She told us that her sisters were on the way to her house for Thanksgiving! We told her to say we stopped by! She continued on to tell us about dilasis and Sister Ficklin said, "I have faith that it's all going to work out. I really do." The woman just MELTED into us she came out of the house and gave us each HUGE hugs.
Such a tender moment!
Gotta love it.
We kept walking to see if any other houses "spoke" to us...but we ended up just finding a Husky Dog instead!!
It was great. Sister Ficklin also told me that when she was on exchanges in Anderson (my first area) that TWO of the people I used to teach are now baptized!!
That is always THE best news to get.
Wednesday marked the second thanksgiving feast of the week. So delicious.
Thursday we played FOOTBALL alllll morning. So fun. We had our final Thanksgiving at the McClellan's house and Sister McClellan even made Grammi's weird carrot and pineapple jello for me! It was SO good! :) I think I ate more that meal than the rest of the week combined :/ yikes.
But soooo worth it.
Sister Boll and I took the opportunity to rake some leaves that day too. As we were finishing up the ZL's and Spanish pulled up..such a convienent time. haha. They had gotten flowers for Sister McClellan..they looked like they were headed off to prom. awk.
We had probably 15 bags STUFFED full of leaves. Dinner was earned, and tasted SO much better afterwards.
So this week Sister Boll and I have been jammin out every day to the Nashville Tribute band: The Work.
That stuff is top notch.
We made our own video of "Children Go Where I Send Thee"
It's (as the kids would say) DOPE.
maybe one day you'll get to see it.
Friday we played Bingo at the Rehab we do every friday. it was great fun.
Something really cool happened today. As sisters do not hold the priesthood there are not many occasions that we get to drop anything and go help someone. But we got a phone call from a Less Active woman we see. Her son got into a bad bike wreck and was in the hospital with his mom and needed a blessing.
We called the Elders and met them at Mercy Hospital. (The Elders are great. btw gotta love em)
I called Tammy: "Hi tammy, it's Sister Huskey, how are you?"
Tammy: "It's crazy, we're at the hospital and Gabe got it a bike wreck."
Me:"Tammy we're here at the hospital, the elders are here to give your son a blessing."
Tammy: "No way!"
She had NO idea how we found out about Gabe or that they were at the hospital, it was SO COOL. haha.
We all got to go back and see him in the emergency room and the elders gave him a blessing. I love watching the priesthood in action.  It's good stuff.
Anyway. that was the most exciting part of the day.
On Saturday we cleaned the chruch and played some Basket Ball. So fun. I got to see Katie! She was recently Baptized in the Greenwood ward, I helped to teach her (once) when I was on exchanges there, we are bffs. Love her!
The Silers took us out for lunch to a Pizza Buffet, YUM. (thanksgiving #4? You betcha!)
Saturday was great because guess what?! I GOT A TIWI CARRDD. I can drive now. WHAT'S UP!!!
I haven't driven in 5 MONTHS! AHHHH. It's so refreshing to be behind the wheel again :)
We stopped by Bro. Kev's house on our way to see another neighbor and his friend. Bro. Kev is a Less Active. We love him. He served 2 tours in Iraq back in the day and has bad PTSD. He's an alchoholic. We walked up to him and he was drinkin a Heinikin. haha. We told him we were going to see ms Dixie and he said he'd be right behind us!
To my astonishment, Bro. Kev gave this woman a pretty amazing lesson (dispite the fact that he was overly tipsy)
Kinda cool.
We walked him back to his apartment and he wanted to say a prayer with us before we left.
Sister Boll:"Please bless Kevin that he-" Bro. Kev "Bless kevin?! Bless kevin!? What about Bless the Mis-ion-ar-ies?! Thank you jesus for sending these two girls to re-juv-inate myyyy ding-dong botay bootay! Halla-Halla!" Sister Boll:" the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
Bahhaah .
so funny.
We love Brotha Kev.
Sunday was WEIRD. SO much drama at church, but I'll spare you from all of that.
We had a lesson with one of our favorite LA's Michael Jones Jr. we had a dance off in the drive way....that should tell you how fun those lessons are.
ahhhh well...That's all for this week.