Monday, February 24, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse in Miami, Oklahoma

I didn't realize it until the other day, but we've got a serious Zombie population out here. 
It's scary. hahaha.
 Don't worry, we're safe, I think that's why they gave us the truck. 
This weekk.....


of our progressing investigators has moved away. 

We are now in a SERIOUS building phase. 
It's rough. 

buuuttt still fun -__- suuuppper fun. 

haha but seriously. 

I love it out here. 
It's felt like summer the last few days.
SOOOOO amazing. 

I don't know if a lot really cool happened this week, but TOMORROW we have a sister's conference! Woo-hoo! That'll be way fun. 

Today we're going to drive through Pitcher, maybe. haha It's a tornado town. Nobody lives there, everyone says it's pretty creepy, so we're going to go see what it's all about sometime soon. 

My BFF Sister Tait is getting her VISA! She came out 2 transfers after me and we always team up at zone activities so we can just talk in Portuguese. She's the Greatest. 

Life is good as a missionary, It's hard but....pretty good. 

Hope you all have a good week! 
-Sister Huskey 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ok...I didn't mean to send that one twice..Sorry


Fillin the font like prooosss :)

We got the font filled JUST in time :)

On our way to the BAPTISM! :D

After :)

We went to get a new car battery! Got it for Freeeee! Thanks Bro. Chapman!

All the subjects I can come up with are just plain cheesey...soooo this is what ya get :)

espite almost HALF of our investigators moving away, we had 6 people at church, and we got TEN referrals this week! Woop Woop!
We're building again, but it's not hard to find those who have been prepared...we just unfortunately find a lot of creepy people along the way...but hey, it's Miami! What more do you expect? haha.

I love it here.

Kendra got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday, the spirit was SO strong. Not only did that happen but our we got a new Bishop AND a new first and second counselor! It was nuts! The whole Stake Presidency was there. We joked around with them at the beginning of the meeting "We're SO glad you could make it for Kendra's Confirmation!" hahaha...we knew what they were up to!

Annnyyyyway, not too much else happened this week. Well, that's a lie.
 I also got to see Aunt Esther! That was exciting, for some reason I was expecting Nelda, so it kind of threw me off for a second, worries. haha!

It was a good week in all. It's been going by so fast, night times just last for like....2 seconds and then the day time is like...15 hours haha! We have fun though. I love it.

Well. hope everyone has a good week!

PS Sorry my emails are so lame 90% of the time. If I prepare for it, they're usually MUCH better, but, obviously today I didn't do any preparation. haha. Forgive me! PLEAASSEEEE! :D

I don't know how much you stalk me on the internet anymore,but just in case you see this :) haha

Monday, February 3, 2014

Transfer Point!

Sister Clayson, Sister Vance, me, and our photo bomber Sister Stout :) 

My Comp: Sister Clayson

Visa Waiter Pic! Holla!

My Comp: Sister Vance

Jami! She's toats adorbs.


Just Regular Every Day Missionaries

We're Related to THAT GUY!

This is Bro. Jacobs He's a direct descendant of Cleopatra aka Pocahontas' Sister! WE talked about Fam-Bam History for like...Foreevverrrrr. It was cool.


Brazil Said No For Six More Weeks.

Every 6 weeks there is a day like Groundhogs day. It's the day that says that you go to Brazil or that you stay in the OTM for 6 more weeks.

This round The gopher(visa man in brazil) said no. :(

So..I'm here for six more weeks.

This week we said goodbye to sister Vance. It was a pretty sad day, but nonetheless we will go on. haha.

She is going to Springfield to be with Sister Gilbert, one of my first Companions here in the OTM!

This week we also battled the was horrible...not ours THANK GOODNESS. But one of our investigators, who is a single mom, was battling it with her kids...for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to volunteer our time and help her nit pick..she would have been up until 2am if we hadn't helped her!! was probably a good thing we did it.
but then again...we'll see..haha

My boots that I bought at Walmart for the Winter are falling apart like it's nobody's business. the soul on the right foot is  like...hmmm 80% flapping around. It feels like I'm wearing a flip flop. HAHA! 

oh well...winter is almost over!

This week we have 5 investigators moving away :( We had 10 at church on Sunday! It was amazing! 2 of them even bore their testimonies!
It was a-w-e-some.

Things like that make all the other stuff worth our list of creeps..that keeps growing, but so does the faith of the people we're teaching.

Like the bible always says, "gotta have the good with the creeps..." or something like that anyway. haha.

OH YEAH: Today is SEVEN months! Can you believe that?! It's crazy...only 11 months to go. Weird.

After this transfer, I'll be halfway done...hmm. freaky.

I have like 10000 pictures to send, but I forgot my card reader, so I think we'll come back later to send them. Be on the look out! :D

Be safe erry-body!

Love ya!