Need A Laugh?

Tired and just need a laugh?

Go HERE. You'll seriously spend like 2 hours looking through the whole thing. HILARIOUS.

Here's some of my favorites:

When the mission call tells you to report to the MTC in five months

When I try to imagine Christ working in my life
I'm like:

When I get my 72 hour Kit and Emergency Preparedness stuff together

When the missionaries come knocking
How most people act:

And the missionaries are like:

When someone says miracles are just coincidences

When the Bishop calls "to extend an invitation..."

When my prayer gets answered
I imagine Heavenly Father is like:

When an investigator won't commit to a baptismal date

When I got my Temple Recommend

When other Christians ask how I can handle 3 hours of church every week
I'm like:

When I'm dealing with a personal crisis


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