Monday, October 27, 2014

Ohhh man, this week was great. It was super long, but great, let me just start off by saying that I am BEYOND excited that dad got the Job in Oregon!! 


I think I put in about 1,000,000 exclamation points in the email I sent back to him. haha. 

Love ya, Dad!!

The second biggest news is that Last night I probably got THE BIGGEST Charlie Horse in MY LIFEEE!!!! 
Right in my Calf...Or Batata (potato) as they call it here. I was screaming/almost crying in pain....

And, because I am a missionary, I thought of Alma the Younger during this very "Wrack of Pain" and thought, "Hmm....Alma the Younger was Wracked with pain/torment for three days until he finally prayed and was released from his burden.." and then I thought...."I don´t want this pain to last for 3 days...." So I said a little prayer and BAM. pain gone. 

It´s weird how prayer works like that....

It´s always the LITTLE things that get I pray at night I ALWAYS pray that I can have a good nights rest and good dreams....and I silly as it seems...but when I forget...I am up, tossing and turning ALL night long...

Needless to say, I don´t forget very often for a good nights rest and good dreams. hahah...

also. Remember last summer...a year and a half ago, when I was in my first area in the USA and I was complaining about the Mosquitoes? in Brazil..they´re like 15x worse....probably because there´s MORE than JUST mosquitoes that´s brutal..I feel like I have chicken pox sometimes...and the first few days it was super hard to sleep and not rip my leggs to I thought....

"Hmm....If i can pray for and RECIEVE a good nights rest and good dreams....i can probably pray for and RECIEVE a good nights rest without having mighty wishes to amputate both of my legs." 

sooooo I did it..annnddd it worked.....andddd

God loves me!


anyway last monday was the ONLY regular Pday I had here in Caçador this transfer...weird stuff. But, it was awesome. 

Tuesday and Wednesday I had Divisions with Sister Hallenberger and Sister Rosa...they´re aweosme. 
Thursday had District Meeting in Videra and then the rest of the week sort of flew by...but at the same time it was SUPER LONG. but it´s ook. It was a good week. :) 

Anddd ...PICTURES! 

You´re gonna have to turn your head for these..I can´t figure out how to turn them on the technology skills are lackin lately..haha

Divisions with Sister Hallenberger!

SHE LOVES COWS!! She wears those Cow earrings EVERYDAYYYYY! 

Wednesday was exchanges with SIster Rosa! She is STINKIN SKINNEY..But I love her. haha 

It´s been a while since I´ve took a pictures with dogs in it. 

We ate icecream almost every day this week! SO HOTTT!  

One of our investigators parakeets had BABIESSSS!!! AHHHHH!!!


One of the most faithful members the church has. This woman is an ANGEL. I love her with ALL my heart! 

Keli (In the middle) Is a miracle, she found us a while back at the bakery and said My Mom (next to me) and my brother (next to sister santos) are already baptized, and i want to be too! 
so cool. 

It´s dumb that these don´t come out in order..buttt this is from exchanges with sister Hallenberger.  she´s a gem. 

and we found this cool lookin dude while we were walking/got lost. haha

that´s all for this week!
-SIster Huskey #2 

Monday, October 20, 2014

GOOD NEWS! I finally have my VERY OWN "I got robbed in Brazil" Story! Woohoo!

Bad news.....I lost my camera in the process:( 

fortunately I didn´t take many pictures last transfer, and I´ve been sending just about everything good home anyway..soooo even though they´re low quality...they still exist! 
Also I have the phone in the mean time. 
I´m looking around for the cheapest camera I can get my hands on. I explained to the sisters in the apartment. "That camera basically is like my heart, without it a am empty and just cant live right! I have to find a new one to fill in that empty space..." hahaha. a  little dramatic YES. but COME ON! Everyone knows how I feel about the whole camera/photo taking thing. hahaha. 

anyway, I still have pictures for you this week, not many but I STILL FOUND A WAY!

anyway, it was a good week.
We had divisions in Campos novos at the beginning of the week. We only had half a p-day and then traveled there, divided on tuesday and then traveled back on wedensday. It´s pretty annoying because they don´t have a night bus between here and there and we miss a lot of time in our own area, but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do! 

we were sweating bullets the whole time, luckily the Rodoviária isn´t TOOO far away from the sister´s apartment! :) 

I divided with Sister Montovani this time, She´s from São Paulo, muito legal. She´s fired up to work hard, and even though she´s just on her 3rd transfer, working with her feels like I´m working with an oldie. She also has a stoumach that never ends. And I don´t know how to spell anymore. haha. Sister Santos made a comment during Almoço one day, "I think theres 2 Elders in there!" It was super funny. 

It was a good exchange, we made LOTS of contacts and recieved LOTS of potentials, It should keep em busy until the next exchange :) 

Thursday and Friday were pretty much the ONLY days we had in our own area this week. and it was ROUGH. But I think the hilight of the day was that...even though the winds came, the rain didn´t (insert heavenly host of angels singing here) we thought we were going to get DUMPED on...and we were super far away from home....but it never rained! YAY!

ALSO, I got to use my God given whistling skills to becon and rescue a run-away dog..that was running away..but didn´t because I whistled for him to come back! (missionaries serve in strange ways never know what you´ve gotta do! But Heavenly Father wants us to develop our talents so that we can be ready for when the time DOES come!) 


Friday our lunch toookk foorreevvverrrrrrrrrrrr........ but we ate fresh chicken. There´s better pictures on my comp´s camera...but it isn´t showing up on this computer (probs because the software on here is ANCHIENT!) but whatever, here´s some more cell phone shots. 

(Laura probbably wont apriciate this, but.....just...forgive me....haha..I LOVE YOU!!!)

and I also LOVE fresh chicken! 

sooo here it is

The day beforeeee.......
and the day after! 


hahaha. Well, even though they had plans to eat that first chicken, they didn´t (HE´S STILL LIVING!!!... as of now)-because when they got to the farm the next day there were 2 or 3 that had died that night due to natural causes...or something. I´m not sure exactly how, but we ate those ones instead :) 

*​This is yet another chicken...but yeah. 
I may not be able to hold babies on my mission, but the White Handbook says NOTHIN abuot chickens! WOOHOO! 

*please note that this is inside the house. haha 

I was a little afraid it was going to poop on me and one of my favorite shirts, but it didn´t! yay! (but lets be real..bird poop is WAY better than a baby explosion....sooo really it´s a win-win situation) 

Friday it was super windy again but today it DID verdade, it POURED...and it was CRAZY because it was like a WALL of rain..we watched it come over the hill and down the hill and then BAM we were running into the little housae to take shelter..haha 

Saturday and Sunday we spent in Videra for Interviews with President and Conferencia do Distrito..It was a good weekend, but I was a little annoyed/sad that we lost even MORE time in our area. 

This week, we still have divisions to do, BUT we´ll be in our area ALL week. It´s gonna be sick. We´re planning on 40 lessons...SOMEHOW...but yeah. it´s awesome. 

I love being a missionary. I feel like I´ve just been doing it for forever! But at the same time, I only feel like I´ve been here for just a little bit. 2 litte mini missions sure do go by FAST! But I love em both! The time is tickin down.... it´s freaky that I have to be a normal person here in just a few weeks!! 

annyway. Love you all! Have a great week! 
-Sister Huskey #2 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Bees Knees and Elephant Feet.

First Pics from Last week! 

Janta with Claudio and Salete! That´s Claudio...and that´s some rainbow bread that we´re about to bless and eat with hot dogs! YUM! (always ALWAYS eat cachorro quente for Janta.AlWAYYYSSS.) 
HUGE freaky bug/ Mini Rhino! 
Watching CONFERENCE!!! 
Adventuring with Salete! 
One of the coolest families you will ever meet! 
anndddd the ever needed selfie! 
Eu e Sister Hallenberger! 

That was exciting, lets move onto this week! 

it´s all backwards, but´ll still enjoy it all :) 
This poor frog died IN MOTION. I aparantly am SUPER stoked about it in this picture. hahahaha. 
Elephant feet....the mosquitos or whatever it is that´s eating me everytime we go to Videra for District meeting is making me SWEELL UP. 
This is how our Recent Converts get to Church :) 
Bday party at the Olivera´s house. 
#1 Bro. Carlos. 
David. gotta love the kid. 
Zone selfie! 
I taught sister Santos about talking flowers! (Thanks grandma!) 
Sister Jones had maple...I was DESPERATE to take some back to Caçador with whatcha gotta do! (French Toast anyone!?) 
Sister Haight, is stinkin awesome, probably one of the most beautiful people i know too. for real. 
5 americans in brazil Waiting at the bus stop...woohoo! 
Sister Van, My soul sistah. and and a Landon Bomb...ohhhh elders. 
President gave us these "sunglasses" they say "Gloria de Deus" on them. haha. President is awesome. 
Walkin down the streets of FLORIPA! 
STL Cuddle fest. woohoo! 
A huge tree. 

The same HUGE tree. View the poles supporting the branches. This thing is LEGIT. 
Bad translations, they get me every time.haha. "The first tiim ever i hissed your mouth i felt the ear." uhhhhh say what?! 

well, that´s about all for this week, hope everyone is doing well! LOVE YOU ALLL!!
-Sister Huskey #2

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hamburgers, Subway, General Conference IN ENGLISH!

I just have to say that it is KILLING me how fast the time is going by. 

Thi sweek was pretty intense. But good too. haha. 

Monday Sister Hallenberger arrived here in Caçador. She´s american and has been here in Brazil for 6 months already, She´s an awesome girl, she wears cow earrings EVERY DAY. haha. She´s struggling with the language a little bit, but she´ll get it in time. 

Monday Night we had a little pow-wow at Adiani and Gilmar´s house, they made Janta for us (dinner...which is super uncommon here.) and a NIGGAA MAAA LUKKAA!! Woop Woop! Gotta love the niggas! (that is NOT socially incorrect to say here....just so you know. hahaha.) 

We booked it home after and then took Sister Gitan to the Rodoviaria (Bus station) and sent her off to train her new greanie. So Proud...

Tuesday I spent the day with Sister Hallenberger, it was an interesting experience being the one who really has to LISTEN in and give some kind of reaction for her to follow. 

 I don´t understand everything, it´s almost there, but the challange is keeping my eyes open! I remember the Elders in the Farmington Ward telling me that at the end of my mission I would just be tired ALL THE TIME...Well, it´s true, and it takes a TON of brainpower to listen to a different language...but the work continues.

Wednesday morning the Brazillians left, and it was just the two of us american´s holdin down the fort in Caçador for 24 hours. YIKES. 
It was a little rough going with my cow loving buddy, but we decided that at the end of the day we would get Subway. and man, it was DELICIOUS! Thank goodness that this city has at LEAST ONE awesome place to go and eat. 

Thursday we woke up at 4:00 in the madru-freaking-gada (aka Middle of the freaking night) If there´s one thing I don´t like about being a missionary, it´s when i have to wake up EARLIER than 6:30. I´m totally good with 6:30, but if it´s even 5 minutes before that.....I just lost 5 minutes of the most precious time a missionary has. hahahaha. 

oh well..I´ll sleep it all off in my Christmas Coma when I get home :) 

anyway, we woke up at 4 to pick up our new COMPANIONS! WOOHOOO! 
My new companion is Sister Santos. She is stinkin awesome. and I love her. She´s brazillian, way fun, and is a awesome missionary, she knows how to talk to just about anyyyonnneee, and she can get them to talking about riligious stuff in about 4 seconds. It´s awesome to see, and I´m sitting here like, "Hey, wanna visit our church sometime?" because I don´t know what else to say. hahaha. I have a lot to learn from her, She is a great example for me, and she will be a POWERFUL missionary, She´s only got 5 months under her belt, but she has definitely made the most of it all. She´s also teaching me some awesome portuguese words, and correcting the things I say wrong, I´m also working on loosing my accent with her....YAY! It´s gonna be SIIICKKK. 

I can already tell people that I´m from São Paulo and they generally believe it...but I wanna be from Fortaleza now...sooo we´re workin on that..

Friday we had District meeting in Videra...everyone in the District is new...except me...It´s awesome. 

We rode the bus home, without delay and then walked to the END of the city and ate lunch. One of the best Almoço´s here foooooo shoo..stinkin delicious. 

and after, a good day of hard work. :) 

Saturday Conference day #1 it was good, we watched the first session in Portuguese, but Sister Berger didn´t get too much out of it, so we went to the office and watched the 2nd in English. It was way better for me too, because....even though I understood it didn´t really have a ton of vigor to it....I felt like a kid again, and like childhood times, almost fell asleep during the first session. English is better, AND you get to hear it in their OWN voices. 

Which brings up something really cool about conference this year, most of the people who were speaking, spoke in their own language. So cool. My little brazillian friends have been spending their whole lives listening to these guys in the boring voice of someone else...but now...AHHHHH! People will get to hear something in their own language..this year it was only about 4 or 5 people who did it, but I betcha in the future it´ll be even more. que legal! 

Sunday. Conference #2. again awesome. So much to learn so much to be better. They talked a lot about strengthening testimony, and especially the testimony of the prophets- who testify of CHRIST.