Sunday, April 14, 2013

80 Days!

80 Days!! The time is sure tickin’! I got my call two whole months ago! It feels like it was just yesterday!

Well, I am happy to announce that my Visa Papers are FINALLY done! And honestly I owe it all to my good friend Bo! He’s a champ. We spent a solid 8 hours on Wednesday working on everything, and we got it all done! Did you understand that? IT’S ALL DONE!!

Ahhh…HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders!

I probably wouldn’t have gotten it done without Bo’s help! I may have just put it off for...well forever! So Bo- You’re the best! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me out! And thanks Bev for letting us use your car! :D You guys are the BEST! I guess I should also thank Brother Morrison (the best Seminary teacher on the planet), Mrs. Slater (the most amazing notary at Hillsboro High School), and Audg for making the trip to Salem a little more interesting, oh and mi Padre for being the best Padre...even all the way from Texas! 

8:00 AM Here we go! 
First stop: Walgreens 

Got it! Clearance Letter and Passport photos! BOOM

Gettin' my Certificate of Birth. Needless to say, my parents REALLY ARE my parents! 
The most delicious food ever!  :D 

Mrs. Slater = THE BEST 

Classic Audg. 
So much love! 

Awkward missionary photo vs. real people picture

Lookin like usual....

THEN we made cookies. 

They were pretty delicious...considering...

And then! We cleaned the kitchen! That's right's the proof! 

This week I also got a letter from my Mission President! It took a SOLID 6 weeks to get here…so start sendin those Birthday cards on May 22nd! (don’t worry, I’ll remind you!) 

A lot of other awesome things happened this week too. Got to go to Voodoo donuts twice, went to the temple, and David got back from Boot Camps, and helped Audric ask Kenzie to Prom!
! Life is good :]  but I SERIOUSLY want to be on my mission already!

Voodoo with Cody! 

Don't be fooled. We love each other. ehhh...kinda ;] haha! 

So happy this guy is home, even if it is just for a few days!
Proud of you David! 

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