Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Packing Challenge- How it's Done

Alright, for all those who wondered how I did it. Here's a video of me unpacking my 'Packed like a pro' suitcase. Real exciting, huh? Well, it's also in reverse, so I'm actually "packing". But its like actually pretty cool to watch....for realzies.

It's a carry on size, but it's "expanded" because I went home with a TON more than I originally left with. At the end there's three sweaters that didn't make it in unfortunately. BUT STILL!

Somehow I still managed to fit it all in there.

So, my tips to keep in mind while you're packing.
  • Put the BIG stuff in first
  • Wrap your belts around the lining of the Suitcase
  • set aside the really small things to fill in holes as you go.
  • ROLL ROLL ROLL (roll it TIGHT)
  • Put a rolled shirt  or socks, or anything else that can fit between/in shoes! 
  • Use your MUSCLES...squish that stuff in there! 
  • If there's something really heavy, put it at the bottom near the wheels, that will help you keep it balanced when you're rolling yourself all over Brazil for your transfers! 
  • Don't pack 90% empty shampoo and conditioner bottles like I did. It just takes up a TON of space. Had I left them out the sweaters would've been IN! 
  • If you're having a hard time zipping up, use the expand zipper to get it shut, then close the expansion to compress it a little more.
  • Wear your bulkiest/heaviest shoes while traveling. It'll save space and weight! 
I've never owned luggage in my life. I've been using my high school dance team duffles for Everrryyything. I used my sister's rolling case for this trip and ordered luggage while I was away. When I got back into the Burro (the loving nickname for my hometown) they had arrived. 

I'm going to be honest. Now that I've seen how big these things are, I'm really not worried on bit about fitting all my stuff for the mission. I'm more worried about going overweight! When I weighed my suitcase from my recent trip it was 43 pounds!! Shoot! Gotta keep an eye on that! 

Anyway. We're all going to be packing pros by the end of our missions, but maybe this helps you a liiitttle bit with that first attempt! 

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