Friday, May 3, 2013

The More You Know...

Mission Advice: I just eat it up! It was the first thing I started gathering after I received my mission call. Before- I had ZERO connections to the foreign land of Florianoplis, now...well... 
It's a small world!  

The first connection that was made was just moments after I finally figured out how to say the location of my mission. My friend Sarah practically yelled, "that's where Sam is going too!"

I know Sam from high school, and now we'll be serving in the same mission! Say whaaat? But seriously- How cool is that? 

Let me just say that technology is AMAZING these days. There are two facebook groups that I am a part of. "Many are called...few are Sisters" and "We are as the Army of Helaman" both are for soon-to-be missionaries to talk with each other, find others who will be serving in the same mission, but most importantly it's the best place to ask questions! Everyone is going through the same thing together, and we're all figuring this whole mission thing out. So, whether it be problems with a Visa, finding clothing, or the adversary has just given you a beating- this is where you go to get answers, advice, and hundreds- Heck, THOUSANDS of other young men and women who are going through the EXACT same thing as you. 

it's awesome

Now these are great, but I've made a couple of friends in the weirdest places online in the past couple months. The two that have been the most helpful...Yahoo Answers guessed it. Instagram!

The first I met on Yahoo Answers, he served in the Brazil, Florianopolis mission as well! My dear Instagram friend is from Brazil, served in Floianopolis, and is now living in Italy! 

So, here's some 'Mission Specific' information that is just GOLD:

Contrary to popular belief (aka my mind) it DOES get cold in Brazil. “And it’s not that it’s just cold that’s the problem, it’s getting OUT of the cold that’s the problem. Bring warm clothes; especially things that you can layer that won’t add a ton of extra bulk.“

“Games are great to learn another language, so is Music!”

“Brazillians are the most open people, they love you no matter who you are and everyone is so nice.  Of course you get the occasional bible bash but gennerally they are very accepting.” 
“The southern part of Brazil is really European so we don't have quite the success that they do up north, but our mission is the leading mission of the south!”

“So that was hard sometimes, really working really hard and seeing no results, but in the end it all pays off.  When you are doing all that you can eventually the blessings come!  Its just a trial of faith!!” 

“President Fernandes is awesome.  He is very into 100% obedience and he isn't afraid to lay down the law if you get what I mean, but you will love sister as well.  Both of them are amazing.

 “The members are really excited with him there and he is an amazing guy!! He can play around with you, but when its time to get serious he also has that side.

 ”Over the summer from like october to march-ish it gets really hot, january has some very hot days and the humidity is like you are swimming, you basically dont get dry for 5 months.

“But it is very humid to say the least which makes the hot hotter and the cold colder.

I am SO PUMPED to go experience Brazil for myself! Only TWO months left!! Who's excited!? 

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