Monday, May 19, 2014

Lages has Wormholes

This week went by pretty stinkin fast (thank goodness) 
The language is gettin better bit by bit, I´m starting to get the gyst of what everyone is saying and I´ve been able to start contributing to lessons and stuff. 
THAT is the best feeling ever, really. 
Brasil has taught me a few things that I probably never would have discovered otherwise....first, being patient with myself. It is SO hard. I can hardly do anything on my own, and I rely a LOT on my companion and on the Spirit to help me..which is another thing I´m learning, how to LISTEN to the spirit. I do not know Portuguese at all, but I know how to heed the directions of the spirit, and that is a bleessing, because if I didn´t know how to do that, i would just be useless basically. 
I´ve also discovered a talent, that i never really considered a talent, I can clap really loud!! haha it´s awesome. And really useful here in Brazil..because clapping is the thing to do instead of knocking. haha. 
We had a Zone Training Meeting on Thursday, which was probably really awesome...but I wouldn´t be able to tell you . haha. 
This week I am SUPER grateful for the gym we had in Tahlequah...we are ALWAYS running for the bus..allwwayyyyss, we always almost miss it, but somehow 99% of the time we always catch it RIGHT at the perfect moment.  Its awesome. We also spend a lot of time getting lost and we´ve come to the conclusion that Lages had worm holes..the roads here make NO´s horrible. we can´t find annything. haha. one day we´ll get the hang of it...hopefully! 
This week we have divisions, I´m kindof REALLY dreading it becase...I just got here. haha. but It´ll be interesting, I´m sure I´ll survive :D 

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