Monday, December 1, 2014

The Final Countdown Pt 1

Ok, It´s just going to be SUPER brief today :) 

We spent the first half of the week in Guaratuba having exchanges with the sisters there, we even took some time on P-day to see the beach! :D 

On Thursday we had an AWESOME conference with Elder Costa, the Area president of Brazil! 


and I am now famous in the mission, because I said something funny in front of him and he made me repeat it TWO times in front of everyyyooneneeeee...hahahahah. 

now, everyone sees me and puts up a fist and says, "Nunca, Sister Huskey..."

sooo here´s what happened. 

We had a leadership meeting before the real meeting with everyone, with all the Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders. SUPER coool. at the end, we were all waiting for the rest of the missionaries to get to the chapel. 

He said, "Vocês estão cansados?" (or in english..Are you guys tired?..he probaby asked this because EVERYONE got on a bus at about 2 in the morning to be there....and we all probably had HUGE bags under our eyes....)

Sooo naturally..(YES WERE ALL TIRED) one really answered....

but. being me and not liking awkward silence or disanimation (aka being un excited in portuglais)  when a GENERAL AUTHORITY is 2 feet away from me, I (aparantly) made a fist and said fervently, "NUNCA!" 

"Isso aí Sister Huskey!!" 

he made me get up and do it again for the leadership...and then AGAIN when the meeting started with all the other missionaries. 

He went on to tell a story about Élder Perry, how he is NEVER tired:
"Elderes e Sisteres, nos presicasmos ser como Élder Perry and Sister Husky, 'Nunca' Cansados!"

o_O did he just....yeah, he just compared me to an even BIGGER general authority. 


hahhahha...soooo that´s how I´m famous in the mission now. 

after the conference I went and talked to him for a little bit. "Sister, you only have a few days left! Keep working HARD!!"

I will! I WILL! 

SOOO MUCH more happened at the conference, it was sooo coool. I got to reunite with some old companions and friends. I´ll get to see most of them again at the Conferencia de Natal in 2 weeks :D 

We came home from the conference and passed out. 

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all regular days.....

but. yeah. it was all good stuff. 



I love you alllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Sister Huskey

PS Hope everyone is getting PUMPED for December 18th!!

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