Monday, August 19, 2013

Oklahoma Tulsa Mission

Well, here I am!
I'm serving right now in an itty bitty town called Anderson, Missouri. Our area covers the whole County, it's pretty big!
If I could describe it to you...well, almost everyone here lives in what we would consider poverty. It's really sad. A lot of the people here are from an island near Guam. They're out here because Tyson and Simmons both have chicken plants that they (pretty much) ALL work at.
The ward was 106 people strong on sunday...usually its about 90...and everyone there is about 90 years or older. It's pretty great.
I'm in a trio right now, which brings it's own set of challenges. our bedroom is pretty small, I sleep on a mattress on the floor between the two beds (it fits PERFECTLY) and during the day store it under on of them. It's a tight squeeze for SURE in that apartment, but we make it work.
The two sisters I'm working with were together for a whole transfer before, so it's been a little weird just getting tacked onto another companionship.
Even though the ward is small, we are SO spoiled by them, they treat us so well. One family in particular, the Hackett's are ALWAYS there when we need a ride or for pretty much anything. They are amazing.

The islanders just amaze me beyond anything, a lot of them don't have enough money to buy furniture, but they are so loving and always offer us water and fruit on our way out the door.

what else to say....
its been a LONG weekend! I feel like the MTC never even was so long ago. for real. this time last weekend I was there? say whaatt?
so crazy.

My portuguese is already struggling, I don't get any extra time to study it since the other girls are just speaking english...which REALLY stinks, so I think I'm going to talk to Presidnet about that during interviews next week and see what we can do. Mostly I just study in the car, which is fine, but it aint cuttin it for me right now!

Everyone pray that my VISA comes soon! Or else I'm going to have to resubmit my papers -__-  do it.

oh...I also have about 1,654,932 bug bites. it's super cool.
lovin it.
I'm still trying to get into the groove of things, I finally got to unpack today sooo that's awesome, should make it a little easier. but we'll see how this next week goes, sorry I don't have more of an update, but such is the life when you only have an hour to email everyone in the entire world!

keep it real!

Love, Sister Huskey

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