Friday, August 9, 2013

This Week on...I'm a missionary.

That's the most clever thing I could think of for a
Sorry I didn't write last week. I was SUPER tired and didn't have a lot to say...except I totally did.
Here's the run down.
On Tuesday my comp and I started a rumour that President Monson was coming for  Devotional. You would NOT believe how FAST that spread! It was crazy and SO hilarious watching the reactions of people when they found out!
Secret Combination? Yes. buuuttt I have no regrets.
One of our teachers here is from Brazil, so we gather the coolest American candy to give him, almost every day of class we have something different for him to try. Our favorites to give him are Pop Rocks and War's like giving a lemon to a baby. SO FUNNY!
Theres a word in Portuguese: "Ganharia" that means "to win. One day in class Elder Anderson asks what something on the board meant, "que significa, gahnarreah?"...(I dont' know how to spell that) anyways...Irmo Durfee gives him a weird look, "I'm NOT going to explain what gahnarreah is to you!" We all BUSTED up laughing!
Sister Yankura and Elder Carr both got their visas! They leave on monday and are both going to Grace's mission!
Visas are coming in pretty fast lately, so I should be seeing mine soon, I'll proably have a transfer or two in the states, we get reassignments tonight! So I'll be back later to share that news!
It's so exciting...literally a second mission call. I have a pretty good idea where I might go, but only time will tell!
This week we got to Skype with some people in Brazil for TRC (which is just where you talk about the gospel to different people in your mission language) It was really cool.
Irmo Pino was talking to us about holidays, we asked him to rank them for us 1. Carnival 2. New year 3. Natal...someone asked, "Where would the World Cup be on this list?" Pino looks at the list and points at it, "" He slowly points toward the ceiling, "all the way up there."
It was hilarious...maybe you had to be there, but it was great.
We love our elders, they are the best, but you can't just say "I love you" to someone in the MTC..that's weird. So we tell them, "We love you...platonically, like vegtables.." because..lets face it, who loves vegtables? yeah. NO ONE.
One day Pino was on the phone with his dad, who is a mission president in one of the Brazil missions. Pino talks FAST for a brazilian, so after he gets off the phone Sister V says, "I just saw my VISA flash before my eyes...and I didn't want it!"
Me and my comp LOVE to have fun together. So during service when we mop the stairwells we sing. We sing Disney and every musical we can ever think of. Phantom, Les Mis, the cinderella with Brandy in it, Wicked...all the good stuff...sometimes we get in trouble..but lets face it...we sound like angels. Soooo..yeah.
We also Parkour to and from gym by saying, "parkour! parkour! parkour!" as loud as we can and jumping over benches and stuff. It's quite entertaining to watch the faces of particularly the Elders around us. For REAL. We're pro. We're going to make a video later, so stay tuned for that. Its pretty legit.
Anyways. We get our reassignments after dinner probably so, that's exciting and PREeettyy much the only thing I can think about right now. it's crazy.
I'll write again then!
-Sister Huskey

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