Monday, August 26, 2013

Good Ol' Missouri!

First of all, Shout out to Cheryl Carstens for sending me my ONE AND ONLY letter so far!
You know I love you :)

It's only been a week, so I forgive the rest of you. A safe place to send mail would be to:
3640 South New Haven Ave. Suite OTM
Tulsa Oklahoma 74135-2255
annnddd GO!

I feel like I'm pretty horrible at writing to you guys so my goal is to try a little harder from now on to let you know all the cool stuff going on.

First and formost...whatever that saying is

We have a baptism on SUNDAY!
That's right. Melina George is gettin D-U-N-K-E-D
We are so excited for her. She has such a strong testimony and is such a joy to be around, she's really soft spoken, but sooo amazing.
She will be the first convert in her family, we're sill working on her Husband and kids. They'll figure it out one day ;) Wexy, her son randomly came to church with her on Sunday!
She said she was about to walk out the door and he was sitting on the couch and asked where she was going, she said "I'm going to church." So, he asked if he could come along!
They had a perfect lesson in YM's too. They talked about how to be a good father, and what they can do now to prepare for that. Most of the Islanders don't have super solid father figures, I've met Wexy's dad, but I don't know him well enough to know his influence on the kids.
The bishop and the YM President both said that the class was just amazing, and they gave him an assignment to come back and teach next week!
Melinda gets baptized right after church next week so the whole fam-bam should be there!
It's gonna be good!
If I could figure out how to attach pictures, I would put one here of me with a buch of SUPER adorable Islander Kids.
We live in what locals call "Little Pohnpei" which is where everyone and their dog is from out here. haha. We love em though.
So, here's a great "Classic Missionary Appartment" story.
Our toilet doesn't usually fill after being flushed...soooo when we want to flush the toilet, we have to get water from the bathtub and fill that sucker up. every.time. so annoying, but such is the life, right?
On Thursday we had scheduled an appointment to see an investigator, he's like a 60 year old man, like most of our investigators are, so we have to sit out on the porch. He has long grass outside, which is just a beconing for skeeters and chiggers and ticks, and all other parasites.
So in preperation for this exciting adventure we pretty much bathe ourselves in bugspray, totally worth it for teaching a lesson out in the boons and MILLIONS of mosquitos everywhere, right?
Except guess what. He had already gone to bed because he was feeling sick.
Now we smell like bugspray for the rest of the night.
The night before we went to that same house to set up an appointment, but we didn't have bugspray because a memeber drove us there. So now it looks like I have chicken pox.  It also feels like I have chicken pox...but it isn't chicken pox. (I'm telling you right now there's no difference between the real thing and a TON of mosquito bites. haha!)
anyway, we get back in the car and theres ONE mosquito in the would have thought it was a cereal killer by the way we acted. We were on the hunt...and we were also pretty afraid. It was pretty hilarious.
That guy that we go and see also has a Mini Grey Hound! Who knew those existed! I thought it was pretty cool.
Anyway. The ward out here is amazing. I've never met stronger members than in the little ol' Anderson Missouri ward. It's good stuff.
Next week we get to hear from Elder Ellis. It's a big deal, we all have to prepare 5 minute talks and they're going to choose a buch of us randomly to speak! Pray that I don't get chosen! haha
Well, I love you all!
-Sister Huskey

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