Monday, November 25, 2013

Fwd: This week. Super exciting.

Just kidding.
Nothing happened this week.
We had dinner at the Cureton's on monday like usual and tuesday we had like...1 lesson. WE SAW EVERYONE. It was nuts. Wednesday we had District Meeting and Thursday we did weekly planning. Friday it was freezing and no one was home and saturday we played soccer like PROS and also tried to see everyone and  yet saw noone. 
Today has been pretty slow too...but me and my companion got these sweet elf and santa shorts at walmart. soooo it's gonna be a good preperation day.
We're going to a members house to jam on their banjo and start our own Baptist bluegrass band....
"Saved by grace Cleansed from sin
now I don't have to work again...
Beat my kids, slapped my wife,
but I still got eternal life.."
Thank's To Alex Phelps for that Gem.
ohhh man.
we keep it fresh.

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