Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Transfer 2 in the Fort

Well, we had transfers this week and I'm still here in Van Buren with Sister Boll. We are having a blast.
There is this Bakery that we like to go to during happy hour to get REALLY cheap donuts and free Baptist comics! Woohoo! It's a good little break on the not so good days.
So yesterday was Veteran's Day. Brother Cureton served in the Army. He got to go to the Elementary school and talk to the kids about all that good stuff. We eat dinner with them almost every monday and he told us the FUNNIEST stories about the questions the kids would ask. The best one:
Kid: Did you have an AK47?!
Bro. Cureton: Yes I did.
Kid: Cool! I have some of those!
Bro. Cureton: You have AK47s?
Kid: yeah!
Bro. Cureton: What kind?
Kid: A Red one and a Black one
Bro. Cureton: ...On Call of Duty?
Kid: ...yeah...
ok, maybe you had to be there to hear him tell the story, but it was pretty good.
We were supposed to have a TON of people at church on Sunday. No.one.showed. it was horrible.
Alsoooo...The mail box was flat out empty EVERY DAY this week. Talk about depressing. haha!
Also, Sister Pahl and Elder Phelps went home on Friday. That was also pretty sad.
BUT we always have the Bakery! haha.
ooooookkkk. so
my companion. she's a jem.
there's this object lesson that we do that consists of lighting a tea bag on fire that's sitting on your hand and then it floats away right before the fire hits your skin. SOO Sister Boll was practicing this on the carpet one day.
You have cup of water that you dump the innards of the tea bag into and then you open up the tea bag so it stands like a tower on your/the person your teaching's hand and then you light it up!
SO Sister Boll lit the tea bag on her hand...but instead of flying away, it fell to the ground. So at this point, it's still burning, she stares at it for about 5 seconds and then takes the cup of water and tea junk and dumps the WHOLE thing onto the carpet. Bahahahaha!!!
so funny.
like I said. She's a jem.

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