Monday, January 27, 2014


Sorry...I'm the worst sister ever! I can't believe I forgot to say that last week. I was even on the computer on Tuesday and didn't say ANYTHING!


haha. anyway. This week has been...well..

it's been good.


We got transfer calls on Thursday.. Sister Vance is going to Springfield 2nd with my first compy, Sister Gilbert! And Sister Clayson and I are stickin around in Miami.

I don't know how we are going to do it. We could hardly stay floating with the three of us! I'm praying that President sends us a Visa waiter! so that we can go on splitskies and so I can practice my Portuguese...apparently that's the language I'm supposed to be speaking. I don't know if I could even make a full sentence anymore :(

Each transfer it gets harder and harder, thinking of Brazil and all, I JUST WANT TO GO!

FOUR people from the mtc got their visas and are flyin on the plane to Brazil AS WE SPEAK.

It seriously kills me.

Speaking of .... everyone seems to be sick lately...even me. This is the THIRD time I've been sick this transfer, anndd there aren't any signs of it getting better any time soon. and EVERYONE ELSE out here has some weird thing called H1N1A...uhhh alright.

Well..I've been out for a while, After this transfer, I'll be half way done. When did that ever happen?! It's weird. I am excited to go home, but it stresses me out SO bad at the same time.
HEY! Brian Rodgers get's home in a MONTH! I guess that also means that Lucas is getting home soon too!

hmmm.. I don't know if there were any really cool stories from this week but, let me just tell you. Our gators are amazing. One just got out of an abusive relationship. she went to the er on sunday morning and then CAME TO CHURCH at 9am. He bells paulsy (however that's spelt) is back and so she took the sacrament with a half paralyzed face.

it killed me, she is amazing.

another got her kids taken away by DHS a few weeks ago because of false accusations an her (soon-to-be ex-husband) She found out this week that she wont get them back for probably another year. and that the divorce wont be final for another two years because of...stupid stuff.

another one is a recovering drug addict, who is struggling to get on her feet.
ALL of these people have the most amazing faith, and there is progress made every day. They are so willing to keep the commandments, because they know that they will be blessed for it. Miracles are happening every day for them. There are new stories every day! I love it so much!

#Pardon my grammar and spelling. I'm in Oklahoma....what more do you expect? haha.

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