Monday, January 13, 2014

Going to Jail. Getting Lice. Exchange with Sister Shumway. Finding People EVERYWHERE!


And Friends.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Emily, Hunter, and Isabel!

This week, I went to Jail.

I got my FBI clearance done on Tuesday! Getting fingerprints done was way sketch. I had to go into the guts of the Jail, it was a little awk. But kinda cool all at the same time.

The FBI Clearance takes 6-8 weeks. So that means that I'll probably be staying here another transfer, I'll be in the OTM for at least HALF my mission.

Can my 18 months just start when I actually get to Brazil, please?!

That would be sweet.

This week we also got Lice…This week week we also got rid of lice.

Between those two events, I am now a broke missionary. (as we always are) haha.

It's been fun this week.

Monday was FREEZING COLD, I mean arctic temperatures, for real. We had to walk everywhere Monday and Tuesday and I thought I was going to just die from the cold. (but then I thought about the Pioneers and was totally grateful for the rubber boots I had on)

Because of my exciting Exchange last week with the Sister Training Leader, Sister Shumway came out to be with us for a day to check out the other half of the story. We had a blast with her!

The day after, we had a Zone Conference, we are now allowed to watch the movie, Ephraim's Rescue! And as of next transfer we will again have Junior and Senior Companions. We are/were  the only mission on the world without them. (weird right?) It'll be weird switching over but, it'll be good.

Well good news everyone! Miami is leading the Zone! Woop woop! Yesterday we had EIGHT people come to church and we have 11 people with baptismal dates right now. So many of the people we are teaching are so prepared, and we've found them all within the last few weeks, it's amazing. They are literally coming out of nowhere, we feel so blessed to be trusted with these individuals, but it is so overwhelming at the same time. Planning is nuts these days. But I love every bit of it.

We are teaching one guy named Filiberto, he speaks Spanish but understands most English, Knowing Portuguese comes in GREAT handy with him. It makes it so easy to translate Spanish. When we teach him I speak "Spanaguese" but it totally throws my pronunciation for both of them languages. Haha. Oh well.

We have a lot of people that we are teaching who have the most amazing stories. I wish I could tell them all, but it would take forever.


Make good choices everyone!

-Sister Huskey

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