Monday, January 6, 2014

Miami is a Frozen Tundra.

This week started off with Christmas Conference, it was SO much fun. We drove with the Joplin YSA sisters and got to go to the Hackett's house for dinner on our way home!
Gotta love that family!
Tuesday was also New Years Eve, we got to stay up until 10:30!
I went on a challenging exchange this week. Everyone knows I'm pretty stubborn and head strong...well this particular STL tried to tell me that some rules existed (that really didn't) so I challenged her on it. It caused some tension, but the next day when we exchanged back we had a little meeting with her and my companions, one of them had a similar experience in an earlier exchange. So we told her how we felt.
It was pretty frustrating, because guess what. SHE'S EXACTLY HOW I USED TO BE (that's right, change go ahead and jump for joy) NO emotion. NO sincerity. drove me nuts.
There's no getting though to people like that..
I guess the good thing is that I know that I'm not like that anymore, no longer enclosed with iron walls. It's pretty hard to feel the spirit when you do that to yourself.
So that's changed, but not to worry I am still very much Headstrong, that...has not changed. haha!
Anyway, Saturday was crazy, we taught SO MANY PEOPLE and we had so much fun doing it. By 12am we had done service for 2 families, taught 3 lessons, and found a new family to teach. By the end of the day we had a LOT more lessons and found ANOTHER family!
So fun.
Saturday night it snowed and snowed and snowed, Church was called off on Sunday morning and I was sick, we walked in the snow all day and we'll be doing the same today probably...eventually I plan on getting better.
We're having lots of fun out here in Miami, we've got a few baptisms coming up! One on the 15th and two on the 25th! We are stoked!

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