Monday, February 3, 2014

Brazil Said No For Six More Weeks.

Every 6 weeks there is a day like Groundhogs day. It's the day that says that you go to Brazil or that you stay in the OTM for 6 more weeks.

This round The gopher(visa man in brazil) said no. :(

So..I'm here for six more weeks.

This week we said goodbye to sister Vance. It was a pretty sad day, but nonetheless we will go on. haha.

She is going to Springfield to be with Sister Gilbert, one of my first Companions here in the OTM!

This week we also battled the was horrible...not ours THANK GOODNESS. But one of our investigators, who is a single mom, was battling it with her kids...for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to volunteer our time and help her nit pick..she would have been up until 2am if we hadn't helped her!! was probably a good thing we did it.
but then again...we'll see..haha

My boots that I bought at Walmart for the Winter are falling apart like it's nobody's business. the soul on the right foot is  like...hmmm 80% flapping around. It feels like I'm wearing a flip flop. HAHA! 

oh well...winter is almost over!

This week we have 5 investigators moving away :( We had 10 at church on Sunday! It was amazing! 2 of them even bore their testimonies!
It was a-w-e-some.

Things like that make all the other stuff worth our list of creeps..that keeps growing, but so does the faith of the people we're teaching.

Like the bible always says, "gotta have the good with the creeps..." or something like that anyway. haha.

OH YEAH: Today is SEVEN months! Can you believe that?! It's crazy...only 11 months to go. Weird.

After this transfer, I'll be halfway done...hmm. freaky.

I have like 10000 pictures to send, but I forgot my card reader, so I think we'll come back later to send them. Be on the look out! :D

Be safe erry-body!

Love ya!

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