Monday, August 11, 2014

Feliz Dias Dos PAIS!!

​First of all: Feliz Dias dos PAIS!!! WOOHOOO! (that was yesterday here in Brazil!) 

We had a good LONG week this week, so I´m just going to tell it to you in pictures ​:D

Monday night we had FHE at the Stake President´s house, everyone eats hot dogs for dinner here (it really isn´t a big meal here, like lunch for us) I´v NEVER not had a dinner here that wasn´t hot dogs, haha! 

​They had a double banana in the fruit basket, it´s a little hard to tell, I´ve never seen one before, but aparantly it´s REALLY common here. 

​Sister Soares left us this week, Here we are, splitting our last chocolate together, this was Tuesday, and we found out soon after that the assistants forgot to buy her ticket, so she didn´t really leave until the next day. 

​Tchau! Nos Amamos Você, Sister Soares!! 

​A HUGE thing of vegtable oil! Woohoo! 

​Takin a breather at a members house.

​Ward Activity, the daughter of the new fam we´re teaching. Having a selfie feature on the camera sure has it´s benefits! 

​Playing Musical Chairs and WINNING! 

​Our little investigator fam! Arent they so cute!?

Their story is SO cool! 
Michael (the dad), Lillian (the mom), Lucas (the cousin of Lillian), and they have 2 little girls 4 months and 4 years  

Ok, Michael works with our Stake President, his family has already had most of the missionary discussions, but they got swept away by some Assemblea de Deus dudes and his fam started going there, but then a few months ago the Preacher there started preaching false doctrine about the Mormons, so they were getting a little annoyed at that, then one day in church their baby was crying and eveyone was looking at them with the look of condemnation "how -dare-you-bring-your-crying-baby-into-this-church" type look, someone suggested that they leave, so they did and they never went back. 
WELL...about a month later, when we were eating lunch with the Stake President and his family, we all invited them to invite a friend to the upcoming ward activity, President said, "I have THE perfect family!" and he told us all about their church adventures. So the next day at work President gave Michael an invitation to the activity, Michael put it in his pocket and forgot about it. 
a few days later Lillian had a dream (most people here arent REALLY married) that the Stake President was Marrying them, she told this to Michael and he rememberd the invitation and gave it to her! Needless to say they came to the activity.
We set an appointment to see them...but something happened and we couldnt go. President Daniel is THE Man though and invited them to church. 
So last sunday they were there in their house wondering if it would be too awkward to show up late, at that EXACT moment that they were trying to decide, President sends Michael a text, "if you have to be late, don´t worry about it, we´ll be here for you." and they decided to go. 
After Sacrament Daisey, the Stake President´s wife invited them for an FHE at their house the next day. They agreed. 
So we went to the Stake President´s house and had FHE. Man, the lesson was SO simple, but the spirit was SO strong. it was awesome. At the end of the Lesson President Daniel invited them to take the missionary discussions again, They accepted and we marked to go over the next evening. 
So we prepared and got ready to teach the first lesson. It.was.PERFECT. Like, seriously, NOTHING was there to distract them during the whole thing. They want to get baptized, but they want to make sure it´s right first (which is clearly understandable and expected) They also have the mony to get married and just need a day. They came to church again this sunday and we are going over to teach them again tomorrow. And ALL the girls in the ward are super cute, and have little crushes on Lucas (who is 16 and probably loves all the attention). 
They are a miricle and a half.

​Elder Maya EATING ALL the desserts! 

​Again, the benifits of a selfie cam. LOVE these cute little girls! 

​Theis is stinkin adorable. She is almost 16, and is beyond excited to serve a mission. Gotta love her. 

anyway, that´s about all for this week. 
This one´s for you Daddy! 

Love you all! 

-Sister Olivia Huskey 

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