Monday, August 18, 2014

When Lightening Strikes.

This week was the week of Natural disasters. 

On Tuesday...the WHOLE CITY lost power because of this went home, we couldn´t walk around in the pitch black..haha. The light came back on at about 930...not even a minute later we hear THE LOUDEST clap of thunder ever...and our lights go back out..

Did we just get hit by lightening? 

Yep, we surely did. 

The next day we were without light, (not a big deal) AND we didn´t have NObody took a shower. haha. 

We had interviews with president, and by the time we got home after, everything was all fixed! :D yay! 

Then the next day, our water jug fell off the table...and about 1000 gallons of water were in every corner of the apartment in the blink of an eye. The good thing about brazil is that these houses are buil like one big shower, theres a few different drain points in the house so it made it SUPER easy to clean up. thank goodness. haha

Man, the week went by in a blur, Tomorrow I´m getting transfered to Caçador, I´ll be traveling for 14 hours on a bus. WOOHOO! It isn´t really that far away, if I took a bus from here to there it would take maybe 4 hours, but it wont...I have to go back to Floripa before I can get a bus to take me to Caç it sould be an interesting day.

Love you all! Have a good week! 

-Sister Huskey #2

The Elders, us, some of the youth and an extra old lady in the backround! 

"I think we sould knock...just incase!"

The fathers day treats we made for Janta dos Pais! 
Happy Father´s day! (yet again. haha) 

Noooooonnneeeeissshoommeeeeeeeee...and it´s raining. #alldayerryday

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