Monday, August 4, 2014

We Are Not the Ordinary...

...Fearlessly extraodinary. Workin right, just harry carrey, in our humble wayyyyyyyy!....

Not going to lie, this week was R-O-U-G-H...but thankfully, being a missionary you get special blessings, and that´s the ablility to forget all the bad things and just remember the good things. SO even though I remember this week being hard, I can only remember all the awesome good stuff that happened. 

Monday: Aint nobody was home...that was a bummer
Tuesday: We got SUPER lost on our way to Almoço like...we walked at LEAST five unneeded miles to get there...and after it only took us 10 minutes to walk home. hahaha. 

I bought a bible at the São Paulo distribution center while I was in the CTM, I had always planned on using it, but never did, since my other (and bigger one) was already all marked I put it in a box of stuff I would probably never use(but didn´t want to throw away) BUT THEN- one of our investigators said she didn´t have one- "lightbulb!"- It took about 0.00001 miliseconds for me to remember I had an extra and say "I have one for you!" I took it later to her in the week, and man, I don´t know if I´ve ever seen anyone so grateful. I knew that little guy would be useful! 

Wednesday- I lost my planner- it was DEVISTATING...I made a new one later in the day, but man, I´m STILL trying to get over the loss. haha. It was such a good plannerrr! Sister Munafo says that I´m the MOST organized companion that she´s ever had, more than her 39 year old former teacher companion....she has diagnosed me with OCD...I´ll take it. (Michelle from Christella´s also said the same thing...I´m starting to wonder if I really do have OCD! hahaha.)

Thursday- We had a successful English class and FINALLY taught the Plan of Salvation to Aline! Woop Woop! 

Friday- August 1st (For Real?) Our electric bill history makes it seem like August will be a LOT warmer than June or July, but everyone says that winter will stick around until September, at least. But man, EVERY DAY (so far) has just been PERFECT! I guess you can´t compete with electric bill history...
I ate subway on friday was SO DELICIOUS! Apart from the fake cheese and lack of ranch dressing, it was stinkin good!! 
We also found two LIVE frogs on our way to an investigator´s house. Usually they´re dead and paper thin in the road, guts and all spilled out in front of´s gross. 

Saturday: We ate lunch with members who live on the military base. They announce when people are going in by setting off fireworks! haha. it´s pretty awesome. 

Annddd investigators showed up to church! AHHH! It was a miricle! 

We are having an FHE activity with the Stake President and his family and one of our gator-fams tonight, should be pretty good!

Sister Soares is getting emergency transfered this week and we´re getting 2 new sisters! Woohoo! Things should be a lot easier now that we just have one area to work in. We´re sad that she´s leaving, but it´s a big relief that we have 2 more coming in! 


Frog #1!


Soo....I have a thing for taking pictures with homeless dogs..I think this is my record so far! 5 homeless dogs in ONE picture! 

Triplit homeless dogs! 

Helping my little buddy with homework! (I think I was strugglin just as much as she was with it. haha) 

She cut her bangs all by herself! haha. Gotta love her! 

Me and Sister Soares on the BASEEEE.

Frog #2! 

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