Monday, September 8, 2014


We´re in the double digits people!!!!!

Here´s the pics from last week :)

There was a thunderstrom last sunday morning, we got DRENCHED! 

Anderson and his doggie. 

Reunited with SAMMM!! (aka Elder Ellis) 

This week was great 
I traveled to Floripa Sunday night and stayed there Monday and Tuesday for MLC..I´m just going to be honest and say that the best part was reuniting with Sister Van. Holy dang, I love that girl. 

MLC was awesome, lots of good stuff, and got to hang out with the coolest missionaries in the mission. 

SO despite the bus there and back being horrible uncomfortable and not sleeping for 3 days straight, it was pretty good. definitley worth it :) 

Takin a walk on Pday, I  think this is the most "brazil-y" looking photo I have right now. haha 

THE BEACH!!! Classic tag pic. gotta have it. 

I got back to Caçador at 5 in the morning on wednesday, and after 1 hour of sleep got back to work, it was a miracle, because I was alert all second 930 hit I was dead asleep, but the whole day- so easy. it was awesome. 

Thursday we had ZONE MEETING! 
So fun. Elder Ellis, and Sister Morrill were there, and also Elder Hakes...who was like bffs with Kent in high school, super small world. haha. but it was super liberating to be able to talk in english with them WOOHOO! 

Elder Hakes and Elder Ellis are both getting transfered :( they´re leaving to train. Sad stuff. but it´s life! 

​The Zone Selfie. Woohoo! 

Friday Saturday and Sunday just went off in a blur. We had two Noite familiars com diferente famílias......yeah, I just wrote that in potuguese..what the heck...

oh well...

it was awesome. LOTS of stuff going on out here, we´re SUPER busy, it´s crazy. 

anyway, LOVE YOU ALLL!
Have a great week! 

-Sister Huskey 

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