Monday, September 22, 2014

This week was crazy, First, on mondy we had a little surprise birthday party for one of the best members in the ward. She´s an angel. She´s had too many difficulties to count in her life, and yet still gives everything she has for the people around her. Especially for us :) 
The pictures are all out of order, so bear with me! 
This is the cake that our investigator bought to "celebrate all our birthdays" hahaha. 
This girl is awesome, she´s got hair like a black girl, but she´s white, and she loves me, (most of that love comes from the fact that I´m american..and she proudly admits that that statement is true. haha ) 
At the wedding, we couldn´t dance...but..shoot, we wanted to SO BAD! ahhh! So much worldly music! hahaha. 
And soon they will get baptized!!! (but seriously, they´re members already.. #drymormon)
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP!!! (yeah, we have an elevator in our church. GETSOME! 
Soealí and Antonio! Gotta love this fam, they´re the next wedding! 
Alll matching. woohooo. 
Super David! Love this little dude. 
Traveling....all day erry day. 
Zone conference! 
President and Sister Silva. LOVE THEM
Sister silva is PROBABLY one of the smallest people I know. 
The elders...and creepy DL: Elder Delgado. haha!

97 year old mom of our investigator. Also..super tiny
The peanut butter I bought in Floripa was made in ARKANSAS! Ohhh how i miss the OTM! :) 
The birthday girlie. GOtta love her. 

annnywayyy this week was good, lots of traveling, lots of work, lots of fun. Hope you all have a good week! 

-Sister Huskey 

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