Monday, September 1, 2014

Caçador Week 2

Let me just Pre-apologize for the lack of Pictures this week. I´m in Floripa for the next two days for MLC...and this computer has windows poppin up  ALL over the place annnddd I´m not about to give my camera a disease. hahaha
sooo...just be patient and next week they´re ´ll be lots. (they´re´ll isn´t  a word....but it toatally should be..) 


 Last monday was good. It was P-day, can´t go too wrong with that, unfortunately the last 3 hours of the day lasted for what felt like 5 days and it was raining, but oh well...we survived. haha
This week was cold and made it hard to contact people because NO ONE was on the street, or in the park...or awake inside their houses. haha. 

Tuesday we met an interesting man, we went to teach a contact, but ended up teaching her husband, we asked him about his religious backround, and some other questions too...He´s a pretty hard core catholic, has been his whole life, but what I thought was interesting was that he honestly doesn´t believe that a "true" church he doens´t believe that the Catholic church is true  either....verrryyyy interesting. "Let us teach you about Joseph Smith." haha. 

Wednesday was probably one of the better days this week....because of ONE lessoon, who knew. We have this little family that we´re teaching, the wife wants to get baptized, and the husband is just starting to learn. They need to get married for REAL before anything can happen, the first time I met Antonio I knew we needed to mark something, so it started out as a little game, "You´ve been together for forever! You have 3 kids! Get married already!" haha, but today we went and we read the Family Proclomation with them, and then we taught them about the law of chastity, and how marriage is a the end we asked them if they felt ready to get hitched....Antonio answered first..."yeah, I think I´m ready." He looked at Soelí, "What do you think." ....." I´ve been ready for a LONG time." We all just laughed. We told them that we would do everything we could to help them get everything needless to say, I now know how to get married in Brazil..and cheap too. haha. but the lesson was one of my favoites ever, not just because they now have a goal of going to the temple to be sealed, but because there was a spirit there in that lesson so special, different from anyother restoration or plan of salvation lesson. Antonio said the closing prayer and I cried. I stinkin love this little family to the end of the universe and back. 
I wish you could feel what we all felt there in that tiny little kitchen. it was just awesome. 

Thursday we had FHE #1, basically the whole branch showed up at our recent convert´s house and played games and ate food. 30 or 40 people (and brazillians at that) stuffed into a little wooden house...nothin better. 

EVERYTHING was a rough day, but we were saved at the end of the night, we taught an awesome lesson to an awesome old lady, who gave us chocolate in the end :) 

We taught evelyn....ok, but for real, we haven´t taught her any of the lessons yet, because we want her husband (for real) to be there too....we just left her with a book of mormon last time, today she told us that every day she reads a little bit "it´s sacred time for me." she also showed some scriptures to her husband, at first he didn´t understand...she said "you have to read with your heart!"....and he understood....Sister Gaitan invited her to pray to know that the Book of Mormon is true...she said, "Eu sei, sem duvida." 
bless her soul. The elect are always the easiest, they don´t really even need missionaries. haha. they just do it all and figure it all out by themselves. 
Her daughter also calls us "Tia" - which means "aunt" haha it´s adorable. 

Saturday we also had FHE #2 tonight, whith the youth, SO awesome, that little house at the top of the hill was SPILLING with cool. (granted it was small...and that´s why it was spilling, but...still) It´s only a Ramo here...which is unbelieveable, this branch is 3x bigger than the ward in Lages ! 

and the members are strong too. 

It´s awesome. 

Sunday There was a BIG OL thunderstorm that rolled in early that morning, needless to say- we got to church drenched- which was a little embarassing since it was Conferencia da Ramo and our mission President was there...but it didn´t matter, becasue all of our investigators made it to church DESPITE the pouring rain! AHHHH!! 
Later that night after teaching a lesson I had a distinct impression that we needed to go visit a certain member who lived near by. She was baptized 4 years ago, and her kids are all baptized, but her husband isn´t a member, he dosn´t like the church too much, but he drives his family every week (which is a start!) She´s just got it pretty rough. SO we go there and just sat down with her and talked with her and her daughter, she said she was feeling pretty sad today, she told us that "I said a prayer a while ago...and here you are!" 
I´m sure it happens more than we know, but it´s always amazing to me how the spirit works with us, tells us where we should go, what we should do, even the very words we need to say. I love when people tell us that us coming was an answer to prayer, It helps me know I´m doing a good job, and listening well. 

Sunday night I got on the onibus and this morning made it to Floipa! woop woop! Tomorrow is MLC, but today we´re going to go to the beach!! YAYYYYY!!!! 

So, like I said, pictures next week! LOVE YOU ALL! 
-Sister Huskey #2 

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