Monday, November 24, 2014

"30 Ovos para 10 RREAAALLLSSS!"

In our Biarro, there is a man who sells eggs. 
He drives around in his car that has a BIG OLLLLL megaphone on the top that yells for EVERYONE TO HEAR, "30 OVOS PARA 10 REALLLSLSSSSSS" 
that´s like 4 bucks for 30 eggs! 
I wanna get on that deal SO bad, but every time he drives -__- 

oh well...

This week was good. 

We started out with MLC Monday and Tuesday. 
It was awesome. President is just a big kid.  

You´ll see the pictures when I get home. 

The training was awsome, I am DEFINITELY a better missionary because of it. 

He also always gives us candy. 


Wednesday we were back in our own area. 
We had an awesome family night with a Less active family and then made a pizza burrito for lunch :) #SpanishComp

Thursday was also good. WE had ANOTHER family night with a family of Gators and some members, Churrasco and Pancakes (the brazillian kind) so good. 

Friday we had a Zone meeting with president, and Interviews. 

AHhhhh soooooocoooooooooollllllll.....

and then after ALL THAT, we had our Zone training meeting. 

freaking, it was a LONG day.

but it was awesome. 

Saturady was a bust...we´ll just leave it at that :) 

Annndd finally Sunday. SUPER good. We gave talks about missionary work...which I SUPER don´t like to do...because I´m already a missionary...but whatevs. I talked about missionary work. We have this SUEPR cool thing we´re giving to the members to help them get pumped up to do their part, and so far it´s going pretty good. :) 

There´s also a family in the ward for the next 3 months, from THE USA!!!!! I tried speaking english, but I seriously sounded like an Idiot...I could hear all the mistakes I was making but I couldn´t do anything about it!!! 


It should be interesting coming home :) 

Lunch on Sunday was amazing. we ate lunch all normal, rice, meat, tomatoes, all that good stuff...but dessert....dessert was THE BEST..


Strawberries, watermellon, mango, pineapple, banana, apple..

I ate a TON, maybe a little too much, but seriously, NOTHING beats delicious fruits on a hot humid day :) 

After we went to visit a Less active family and they....also gave us food....bolinha de chuva. I will make it when I get home. stinkin de-lish. Super simple, but I love it! 

anyyyywayyyy..last night we traveled to Guaratuba, and we´ll be here until wednesday for Divisions and then travel to Itaj√≠ for a combined Zone Conference! 

aparantly this week is Thanksgiving... sooo HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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