Monday, September 16, 2013

First Break Up. Last Hot Pink Envelope.


But you have to admit, I got you for a second, didn't I? Muahahahaha :P

Firstly: Check out these awesome statistics.
The OTM (Oklahoma Tulsa Mission) Is #1 in the United States for Member Present Lessons. BOO-YAH. Eat that...every other mission in the United
Our area is #1 in the Zone for number of lessons. nbd.
and our ward/area is also #2 in the stake for Baptisms this year.


So there's this guy who's like .... SO close to being an investigator and DEFINITELY potential Stake President material. His name is Tom. We went to see him the other day and he said something WAY cool. Randomly he asks us, "Do you guys get turned down a lot?" we say yes..obviously..haha. He says, "Well every time someone opens the door and you tell them who you are and who you represent- even if they say, 'I'm not interested' or slam the door in your face- you have still put the thought and the words of God into their hearts and minds. I guarantee that they still think about that and they probably talk about it too. You're in a win-win situation here- you didn't fail because they said no and shut the door. Don't be discouraged when that happens- because for the split second that the door was open, you invited God into their lives."

Ok, alone, that's pretty awesome to hear.
but from a NON-member? Seriously.

He said, "I don't know why I said that, it just came into my heart and I had to let it out!"

We told him how we had had a HORRIBLE day of tracting just the day before and that we ALL needed so badly to hear that. It was amazing.

In other news, I taught the Law of Chastity for the first time this week to an islander. haha. That's the best lesson. Gotta love it!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had exchanges, Sister Gilbert, Sister Sister Stoker and I were asked to sing at this memorial for a woman who died that week in the ward, she was like...mid thirties. It was pretty heart-breaking. We sang "Be Still My Soul". So amazing.

So about this break-up I mentioned. It was with an investigator. The Carpenter family. We first met them out on the street while we were tracting...Steve, the dad, was like, "I've been to so many other churches and nothing seems right, they all have little bits and pieces everywhere but I know I haven't found it yet." SOOO open. We thought he/they were golden. We gave them a thing on the Restoration and asked them to read it. 2 weeks later we came back.. He had so many bizzare questions. "Why do I need a prophet when I have the bible?" "Why do I need another book of scripture when I'm already following God's word?" He contradicted himself SO many times with ...everything. It was weird, but we set up another appointment....This time we went in and Steve was the most closed off person I have ever met.  He went from warm and friendly and understanding, with an open heart and mind, to total.complete.lockdown.


So I did it. I asked "Is your heart even open to learning new things right now? To asking God if they're even true?" he said no. "We've loved getting to know you and talking with you but, we cant teach someone who doesn't want to be taught, it's a waste of your time and of our time." We had a closing prayer and that was that. It killed me.

The only thing I can think of happening is that he saw some anti CRAP on the internet -__-
A guy who's worried about being led 'astray' by false prophets goes to MAN aka blatantly obvious false prophets aka google to get his answer to THE.most.important.thing anyone can have on the earth instead of PRAYYYIIINGGG and asking God. Real're super cool Steve..suuuperrr cool.

Just run a bulldozer over my heart why dont'cha?!

We bought Ice Cream...that made it a little better.


Well. this week also marked a MONUMENTAL least I think it is.
Remember how Leisha bought a MILLION AND A HALF hot pink envelopes before Wayne left on his mission? Well.....I finally sent the last one the other day!

The hot pink envelope era has ended.

Just thought you all should know. haha.

ok. one more random story from this week:

We were driving to Goodman, a town like 10 minutes away, when we realize that EVERYONE is driving on this one road, TONS of people in front and behind us....Sister GIlbert says "I feel like we're in a funeral procession or something!" we all laugh...then we pass the cemetery.... we totally were...hahahah. it was awkward. One of the islanders passed away a couple weeks ago...soooo that pretty much meant that the whole population of Anderson/Goodman was at this funeral. TONS of islanders, it was pretty cool to see the support they all had for each other.

ALSO: On the way back from exchanges we got a ride from a couple in the ward where we were staying. I didn't know until the ride was over, but the Husband is blind, and the Wife doesn't walk...she uses a wheelchair. He is her legs, and she is his eyes. HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT!?  kills me. so cute.

annndd lastly.. We went caving today! It.was.intense. WAY fun. we had to army crawl and duck walk like THE whole time. My quads are KILLLINNG me and my knees are swollen sooooo bad. Totally worth it though. It felt like snowboarding..but worse, because I could actually feel it. haha! we got ULTRA muddy. so fun.

Well, I hope you have a great week...PRAY HARD that my visa comes soon!

Love you!
-Sister Huskey #2

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