Monday, July 21, 2014

Ice, Ice, Baby

​Lages is FREEZING. 
I feel like I´m in Miami again, it´s soooooooo cold. Like Arctic temperatures. 
July is the worst month HOPEFULLY it starts warming up soon! ​
This week we met our new Mission President!! WOOHOO! 
He is awesoommmeee. And his wife is stinkin hilarious. 
They were living in São Paulo (in Grace´s mission) And Sister Silva SERVED in Grace´s mission too. 

sooo..yeah, they´re awesome. 

President Silva is the MOST hard core scripture studier I have ever seen. 
His scriptures look like my ´BIG Fattie`coppy of Catcher in the Rye Junior year of High School in IB english. 

I thought I´d never have to do anything like that again., I guess when you REALLY want to study the scriptures, that´s what you gotta do. haha. 

They have 2 kids that are with them, both have served missions, one of their sons served in our mission! 

They showed us the video of them opening up their mission call. 
Like kids on Chirstmas morning, SO stinkin giddy! I loved it! 

I had my `interview`while we were there...He had never done one for the BYU applications before, so it was kinda interesting. But the job was done, and hopefully He´ll figure out how to navigate the internet and put in my endorsement so I can get myself to BYU-I winter semester! 

woop! woop! 

Other than that.....the rest of the week is just a blur. Sister Soares still doesn´t have a companion, so thinkgs are going at a snail´s pace. Our areas are pretty far away from eachother and we spend a LOT of time way or another we seem to see all the people that we really need to.

It´s really been interesting, every day this week we´ve seen at least two or three people on the bus or on the road as we are traveling between Biarros and areas. We get to check up on them without any problem! It´s been such a blessing!

One Miracle this week that happened was after our English class on Thursday...It started POURING....I didn´t realize it until that very moment, but I saw my unbrella in the Relief Society room, I had forgotten it on Sunday! 
We didn´t get AS soaked as we would´ve without it. haha. 

All is well here, I hope everyone is doing well and having FUN in the summer SUN!!

Enjoy it for me!! #1yearofWINTER! #BrazilianMissionaryProbs :)

-Sister Huskey #2 

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