Monday, July 28, 2014

Trying to Remember what "Warm" feels like.

Man, did you guys hear about the flooding in Rexburg?

Speaking of flooding, I just submitted my application to BYU-Idahoooooooo..

I´m hoping to go back for Winter 2 weeks after I get home! 

that is....if I get in again. haha. :P

This week has been THE coldest week of my life...I´m trying to remember what "warm" feels like. 
Yesterday for church I was wearing 6 layers on top and bottom, and three pairs of about bundling up. haha. Needless to say, we make Hot Chocolate evverryyy day. 

Not muuuuchhhh happened this week, we´re doing a LOT of traveling between the two areas, and getting as many lessons in as possible. HOPEFULLY Sister Soares will get a new companion soon, but who knows. 

but yeah...sorry that this email is suuuperrrr boring...Here´s some pictures to make it more worth it :D 

We got a ride to our HUGE ITALIAN LUNCH after Church..SCORE! 

We LOOOVVEEE Salgadinos! (they look and taste like Packing Peanuts!) 

Not only is the Book of Mormn the Corner Stone of our religion, but it is also the Corner Stone of Sister Munafo´s bed...we had to get creative after Sister Soares accidently broke it on her way down from the top bunk. haha. 

I.FOUND. CHUPACHUPS!!  AHHHHH!!! The best sucker in the world IS IN BRAZIL!!! 

Harry Potter...........I´m thinking of buyin the whole series in Portuguese...that´s one way I KNOW I´ll keep up with the language. haha!

They don´t put any sauce on this´s super weird...but it was goood! 

Bacon anyone? 

The cute little baby we were playing with on the ônibus yesterday! SO CUTE! 

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