Monday, July 7, 2014

What´s up Famillyyyyy. 
This week felt like it was a MONTH long, it´s crazy. 

But it was a good week. 

I made Leisha´s Cinnamon Rolls. They were gone before, we made more later on in the week. haha!
Sister Munafo wasn´t feeling well monday night, so we stayed in and watched our FAVORITE show...The District...haha! Once you´ve been a missionary for a while, that stuff gets pretty funny.

It was FREEZZING. There´s a sister in our apartment from the Northern part of Brazil...She said in school when they taught about SEASONS she would never believe it, because there, they just have summer! haha, So this is her first time experiencing it... 
On the way to lunch we were talking about what we would probably have. We both agreed that Chicken would be delicious...and guess what! There was chicken! 
Also, on Tuedsay...I found out that I´m coming home on the 16th!! WOOHOO! I´m going to be talking with my mission president soon to try and figure something out so that Grace and I can take the same plane home :)
Later on we walked to Copacababna to deliver an ensign to an Investigator from one of our members, they weren´t home, so we went to Mayata to buy toilet paper/ catch some of the USA vs Belgium game...Guess who was there! Our investigator! woohoo! Sister Munafo got out the magazine...I looked at it for a second... Sister! That´s in english!...haha woops! We gave it to them anyway, since they´re studying enlglish...later on in the week they called and said soemthing to the effect of ....I´m trying to figure it out, but this Holland guy uses a lot of big words!....something to that effect anyway..haha. 
Thank goodness for and all it´s many languages! 
A little later that night The USA lost to Belgium 2-1 in overtime :( oh well...

as we were walking to the bus terminal a little tiny old guy came up to us. He could tell that we were CLEARLY everyone can...and he asked if he could practice his english with us. He was pretty good! We talked with him for about 10 minutes and then BOOKED it to the terminal. haha
We didn´t teach a TON of lessons this week, but we taught MEANINGFUL ones. 
One of those people we saw on Wednesday, She´s just a few months older than I am, She has two kids, BIG dreams, and a really unfortuanate living situation. She LOVES when we come over and read with her from the Book of Mormon, She would probably get baptized in a hearbeat if her circumstances would allow it. She talked with us for a long time about the things she woul do if she could. Man, I just wanna wrap her up and bring her and her two little girls home with me, but I know Heavenly Father will take care of her! 
Another person we saw this week was one that I never really would have expected. The Bishop´s Wife LOVES american Chocolate Chip Cookies...she wanted us to make some for her...She wanted us to make FOUR batches for her! That would take a while at home, but here, they only have little pretend ovens...and hers fit one pan that could fit 6 cookies on we made four batches of cookies...6 cookies at a time for her. After we were done she put about 80% in a bag and said...these ones are mine.....hahaha. gotta love her, she told us lots of things and said to us, I´m really glad you guys are here today, I feel really lonely during the week. 
I wish I learned it earlier, but now  I know. Don´t forget to remember the Bishop´s wife! 
Wednesday night we had dinner with Aline! We made an Oreo cake to take with us and it dissappeared pretty quick. haha

Was our cookie adventure and we also had Zone Meeting! I got a letter that Grace sent from the US about a month ago...and wrote the day after easter. hahaha. 
During Zone Training Meeting the Zone Leaders related a story to us that our new mission president told them during MLC about how we need to make sure that we have the spirit with us all the time: 
During his mission he met a man with no legs  (who really didn´t like the mormons aparantly)
This man said to President and his companion, If I had legs I would preach to the WHOLE WORLD the TRUE religion! MINE NOT YOURS! 
President laughed and said, Well, I guess that´s why God didn´t give you legs! 
The moral of the story is that after he said that, he didn´t really have the spirit with him for the rest of the day...
but at least it made a funny story!!

We ate Cinnamon Rolls and a TON of other food...
Brazil Played COLOMBIA!!! Ithought Colombia was going to start throwing punches a few times, it was INTENESE! But Nemyer DID get injured PRETTYYYY stinkin bad right at the end there. But Brasil STILL won! Woohoo! SemiFinals are on TUESDAYYY!!!
Later that night we went to Gralha Azule to have a little 4th of July festa, and then we had our Transfer Calls! 
NOTHING is happening to our zone...literally NOTHING. it´s suuuppper weird. Everyone else in the missino is moving around except us! haha. We´re all pretty excited though, it´ll be a good transfer. 

We taught 4 stinkin awesome lessons, I always think, If we had a car we´d be able to do so much more! but we dont and we still do A LOT. (and we get good excercise while doing it) haha

The last sunday of the transfer....I only have 4more to go!! It´s NUTS!
Luch was delicious...just so you know...


this week we´re going to try and find a new apartment! Wish us luck! 
-Sister Huskey #2 

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