Monday, October 6, 2014

Hamburgers, Subway, General Conference IN ENGLISH!

I just have to say that it is KILLING me how fast the time is going by. 

Thi sweek was pretty intense. But good too. haha. 

Monday Sister Hallenberger arrived here in Caçador. She´s american and has been here in Brazil for 6 months already, She´s an awesome girl, she wears cow earrings EVERY DAY. haha. She´s struggling with the language a little bit, but she´ll get it in time. 

Monday Night we had a little pow-wow at Adiani and Gilmar´s house, they made Janta for us (dinner...which is super uncommon here.) and a NIGGAA MAAA LUKKAA!! Woop Woop! Gotta love the niggas! (that is NOT socially incorrect to say here....just so you know. hahaha.) 

We booked it home after and then took Sister Gitan to the Rodoviaria (Bus station) and sent her off to train her new greanie. So Proud...

Tuesday I spent the day with Sister Hallenberger, it was an interesting experience being the one who really has to LISTEN in and give some kind of reaction for her to follow. 

 I don´t understand everything, it´s almost there, but the challange is keeping my eyes open! I remember the Elders in the Farmington Ward telling me that at the end of my mission I would just be tired ALL THE TIME...Well, it´s true, and it takes a TON of brainpower to listen to a different language...but the work continues.

Wednesday morning the Brazillians left, and it was just the two of us american´s holdin down the fort in Caçador for 24 hours. YIKES. 
It was a little rough going with my cow loving buddy, but we decided that at the end of the day we would get Subway. and man, it was DELICIOUS! Thank goodness that this city has at LEAST ONE awesome place to go and eat. 

Thursday we woke up at 4:00 in the madru-freaking-gada (aka Middle of the freaking night) If there´s one thing I don´t like about being a missionary, it´s when i have to wake up EARLIER than 6:30. I´m totally good with 6:30, but if it´s even 5 minutes before that.....I just lost 5 minutes of the most precious time a missionary has. hahahaha. 

oh well..I´ll sleep it all off in my Christmas Coma when I get home :) 

anyway, we woke up at 4 to pick up our new COMPANIONS! WOOHOOO! 
My new companion is Sister Santos. She is stinkin awesome. and I love her. She´s brazillian, way fun, and is a awesome missionary, she knows how to talk to just about anyyyonnneee, and she can get them to talking about riligious stuff in about 4 seconds. It´s awesome to see, and I´m sitting here like, "Hey, wanna visit our church sometime?" because I don´t know what else to say. hahaha. I have a lot to learn from her, She is a great example for me, and she will be a POWERFUL missionary, She´s only got 5 months under her belt, but she has definitely made the most of it all. She´s also teaching me some awesome portuguese words, and correcting the things I say wrong, I´m also working on loosing my accent with her....YAY! It´s gonna be SIIICKKK. 

I can already tell people that I´m from São Paulo and they generally believe it...but I wanna be from Fortaleza now...sooo we´re workin on that..

Friday we had District meeting in Videra...everyone in the District is new...except me...It´s awesome. 

We rode the bus home, without delay and then walked to the END of the city and ate lunch. One of the best Almoço´s here foooooo shoo..stinkin delicious. 

and after, a good day of hard work. :) 

Saturday Conference day #1 it was good, we watched the first session in Portuguese, but Sister Berger didn´t get too much out of it, so we went to the office and watched the 2nd in English. It was way better for me too, because....even though I understood it didn´t really have a ton of vigor to it....I felt like a kid again, and like childhood times, almost fell asleep during the first session. English is better, AND you get to hear it in their OWN voices. 

Which brings up something really cool about conference this year, most of the people who were speaking, spoke in their own language. So cool. My little brazillian friends have been spending their whole lives listening to these guys in the boring voice of someone else...but now...AHHHHH! People will get to hear something in their own language..this year it was only about 4 or 5 people who did it, but I betcha in the future it´ll be even more. que legal! 

Sunday. Conference #2. again awesome. So much to learn so much to be better. They talked a lot about strengthening testimony, and especially the testimony of the prophets- who testify of CHRIST. 

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