Monday, October 13, 2014

Bees Knees and Elephant Feet.

First Pics from Last week! 

Janta with Claudio and Salete! That´s Claudio...and that´s some rainbow bread that we´re about to bless and eat with hot dogs! YUM! (always ALWAYS eat cachorro quente for Janta.AlWAYYYSSS.) 
HUGE freaky bug/ Mini Rhino! 
Watching CONFERENCE!!! 
Adventuring with Salete! 
One of the coolest families you will ever meet! 
anndddd the ever needed selfie! 
Eu e Sister Hallenberger! 

That was exciting, lets move onto this week! 

it´s all backwards, but´ll still enjoy it all :) 
This poor frog died IN MOTION. I aparantly am SUPER stoked about it in this picture. hahahaha. 
Elephant feet....the mosquitos or whatever it is that´s eating me everytime we go to Videra for District meeting is making me SWEELL UP. 
This is how our Recent Converts get to Church :) 
Bday party at the Olivera´s house. 
#1 Bro. Carlos. 
David. gotta love the kid. 
Zone selfie! 
I taught sister Santos about talking flowers! (Thanks grandma!) 
Sister Jones had maple...I was DESPERATE to take some back to Caçador with whatcha gotta do! (French Toast anyone!?) 
Sister Haight, is stinkin awesome, probably one of the most beautiful people i know too. for real. 
5 americans in brazil Waiting at the bus stop...woohoo! 
Sister Van, My soul sistah. and and a Landon Bomb...ohhhh elders. 
President gave us these "sunglasses" they say "Gloria de Deus" on them. haha. President is awesome. 
Walkin down the streets of FLORIPA! 
STL Cuddle fest. woohoo! 
A huge tree. 

The same HUGE tree. View the poles supporting the branches. This thing is LEGIT. 
Bad translations, they get me every time.haha. "The first tiim ever i hissed your mouth i felt the ear." uhhhhh say what?! 

well, that´s about all for this week, hope everyone is doing well! LOVE YOU ALLL!!
-Sister Huskey #2

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