Monday, October 20, 2014

GOOD NEWS! I finally have my VERY OWN "I got robbed in Brazil" Story! Woohoo!

Bad news.....I lost my camera in the process:( 

fortunately I didn´t take many pictures last transfer, and I´ve been sending just about everything good home anyway..soooo even though they´re low quality...they still exist! 
Also I have the phone in the mean time. 
I´m looking around for the cheapest camera I can get my hands on. I explained to the sisters in the apartment. "That camera basically is like my heart, without it a am empty and just cant live right! I have to find a new one to fill in that empty space..." hahaha. a  little dramatic YES. but COME ON! Everyone knows how I feel about the whole camera/photo taking thing. hahaha. 

anyway, I still have pictures for you this week, not many but I STILL FOUND A WAY!

anyway, it was a good week.
We had divisions in Campos novos at the beginning of the week. We only had half a p-day and then traveled there, divided on tuesday and then traveled back on wedensday. It´s pretty annoying because they don´t have a night bus between here and there and we miss a lot of time in our own area, but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do! 

we were sweating bullets the whole time, luckily the Rodoviária isn´t TOOO far away from the sister´s apartment! :) 

I divided with Sister Montovani this time, She´s from São Paulo, muito legal. She´s fired up to work hard, and even though she´s just on her 3rd transfer, working with her feels like I´m working with an oldie. She also has a stoumach that never ends. And I don´t know how to spell anymore. haha. Sister Santos made a comment during Almoço one day, "I think theres 2 Elders in there!" It was super funny. 

It was a good exchange, we made LOTS of contacts and recieved LOTS of potentials, It should keep em busy until the next exchange :) 

Thursday and Friday were pretty much the ONLY days we had in our own area this week. and it was ROUGH. But I think the hilight of the day was that...even though the winds came, the rain didn´t (insert heavenly host of angels singing here) we thought we were going to get DUMPED on...and we were super far away from home....but it never rained! YAY!

ALSO, I got to use my God given whistling skills to becon and rescue a run-away dog..that was running away..but didn´t because I whistled for him to come back! (missionaries serve in strange ways never know what you´ve gotta do! But Heavenly Father wants us to develop our talents so that we can be ready for when the time DOES come!) 


Friday our lunch toookk foorreevvverrrrrrrrrrrr........ but we ate fresh chicken. There´s better pictures on my comp´s camera...but it isn´t showing up on this computer (probs because the software on here is ANCHIENT!) but whatever, here´s some more cell phone shots. 

(Laura probbably wont apriciate this, but.....just...forgive me....haha..I LOVE YOU!!!)

and I also LOVE fresh chicken! 

sooo here it is

The day beforeeee.......
and the day after! 


hahaha. Well, even though they had plans to eat that first chicken, they didn´t (HE´S STILL LIVING!!!... as of now)-because when they got to the farm the next day there were 2 or 3 that had died that night due to natural causes...or something. I´m not sure exactly how, but we ate those ones instead :) 

*​This is yet another chicken...but yeah. 
I may not be able to hold babies on my mission, but the White Handbook says NOTHIN abuot chickens! WOOHOO! 

*please note that this is inside the house. haha 

I was a little afraid it was going to poop on me and one of my favorite shirts, but it didn´t! yay! (but lets be real..bird poop is WAY better than a baby explosion....sooo really it´s a win-win situation) 

Friday it was super windy again but today it DID verdade, it POURED...and it was CRAZY because it was like a WALL of rain..we watched it come over the hill and down the hill and then BAM we were running into the little housae to take shelter..haha 

Saturday and Sunday we spent in Videra for Interviews with President and Conferencia do Distrito..It was a good weekend, but I was a little annoyed/sad that we lost even MORE time in our area. 

This week, we still have divisions to do, BUT we´ll be in our area ALL week. It´s gonna be sick. We´re planning on 40 lessons...SOMEHOW...but yeah. it´s awesome. 

I love being a missionary. I feel like I´ve just been doing it for forever! But at the same time, I only feel like I´ve been here for just a little bit. 2 litte mini missions sure do go by FAST! But I love em both! The time is tickin down.... it´s freaky that I have to be a normal person here in just a few weeks!! 

annyway. Love you all! Have a great week! 
-Sister Huskey #2 

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