Monday, October 27, 2014

Ohhh man, this week was great. It was super long, but great, let me just start off by saying that I am BEYOND excited that dad got the Job in Oregon!! 


I think I put in about 1,000,000 exclamation points in the email I sent back to him. haha. 

Love ya, Dad!!

The second biggest news is that Last night I probably got THE BIGGEST Charlie Horse in MY LIFEEE!!!! 
Right in my Calf...Or Batata (potato) as they call it here. I was screaming/almost crying in pain....

And, because I am a missionary, I thought of Alma the Younger during this very "Wrack of Pain" and thought, "Hmm....Alma the Younger was Wracked with pain/torment for three days until he finally prayed and was released from his burden.." and then I thought...."I don´t want this pain to last for 3 days...." So I said a little prayer and BAM. pain gone. 

It´s weird how prayer works like that....

It´s always the LITTLE things that get I pray at night I ALWAYS pray that I can have a good nights rest and good dreams....and I silly as it seems...but when I forget...I am up, tossing and turning ALL night long...

Needless to say, I don´t forget very often for a good nights rest and good dreams. hahah...

also. Remember last summer...a year and a half ago, when I was in my first area in the USA and I was complaining about the Mosquitoes? in Brazil..they´re like 15x worse....probably because there´s MORE than JUST mosquitoes that´s brutal..I feel like I have chicken pox sometimes...and the first few days it was super hard to sleep and not rip my leggs to I thought....

"Hmm....If i can pray for and RECIEVE a good nights rest and good dreams....i can probably pray for and RECIEVE a good nights rest without having mighty wishes to amputate both of my legs." 

sooooo I did it..annnddd it worked.....andddd

God loves me!


anyway last monday was the ONLY regular Pday I had here in Ca├žador this transfer...weird stuff. But, it was awesome. 

Tuesday and Wednesday I had Divisions with Sister Hallenberger and Sister Rosa...they´re aweosme. 
Thursday had District Meeting in Videra and then the rest of the week sort of flew by...but at the same time it was SUPER LONG. but it´s ook. It was a good week. :) 

Anddd ...PICTURES! 

You´re gonna have to turn your head for these..I can´t figure out how to turn them on the technology skills are lackin lately..haha

Divisions with Sister Hallenberger!

SHE LOVES COWS!! She wears those Cow earrings EVERYDAYYYYY! 

Wednesday was exchanges with SIster Rosa! She is STINKIN SKINNEY..But I love her. haha 

It´s been a while since I´ve took a pictures with dogs in it. 

We ate icecream almost every day this week! SO HOTTT!  

One of our investigators parakeets had BABIESSSS!!! AHHHHH!!!


One of the most faithful members the church has. This woman is an ANGEL. I love her with ALL my heart! 

Keli (In the middle) Is a miracle, she found us a while back at the bakery and said My Mom (next to me) and my brother (next to sister santos) are already baptized, and i want to be too! 
so cool. 

It´s dumb that these don´t come out in order..buttt this is from exchanges with sister Hallenberger.  she´s a gem. 

and we found this cool lookin dude while we were walking/got lost. haha

that´s all for this week!
-SIster Huskey #2 

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