Monday, November 17, 2014


First off I will just say that I don´t know when I´ll have a chance to send pictures. Sister Lima said that these computers ruined the memory cards of another sister a while back....soooooo I´m definitley not going to risk it. 

Ya´ll will just have to be patient :) 

This week was good. 

Monday I traveled and arrived here in Joinville 

Tuesday we spent the day running back and forth with sisters leaving the zone. (EXCITING) 

annnddd the rest of the week we spent looking for people to teach...the area is weak. and it´s hard. but it has potential! 

at the end of the week, we bought pizza as a reward. SO YUMMY! 

Today we´re going to Floripa for MLC, should be pretty exciting. 
annndddddddd, that is just about all the news for this week.


I hope everyone is doing good and getting PUMPED FOR DECEMBER 18TH WOOOOOO!! :D hhehehehehe.

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