Monday, November 3, 2014

This week! for real!

Today marks 16 months that Grace and I have been our in the Mission field! 

Last pday was awesome. I think the news of Dad moving back to Oregon was probably the best news that I´ve gotten in FOREVER! I can easily say that last Pday was THE best pday of my mission :D 

We traveled to Campos Novos on Monday and Tuesday had divisions with Sister Carvalho. They have a LOT of awesome people that they´re working with. 

We met a guy making a contact who has the STRANGEST beliefs. But he was super funny and gave us an awesome refferral to a super special family. You could feel the thirst for truth in the air. so cool. 

Wendesday was super unexciting. we just traveled back to Caçador...unfortunately it was on the same bus as the elders who were having divisions in another city close by. 

Thursday FLEW BY  and friday dragged on forever. ..haha it´s funny how time works on the mission sometimes. but it was an awesome week. 

in all. I said I didn´t have time to write anything, but I MADE TIME! It isn´t everything but it´s more than just pictures! haha

so for real this time! 
See ya! 
Sister Huskey #2 

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