Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 1.

This past week was NUTS. It all went by SO FAST, but when I remember EXACTLY what happened.....It feels like that thing happened FOREVER ago! 


I told Grace that she´s gunna have to translate for me when I get home, because people I CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH OUT LOUD. It´s THE weirdest thing. I can talk in my head and write, but my mouth just doesn´t work....soooooo GOOD LUCK everyone understanding me when I get home. #brazilianmissionaryprobs.

Do people even use Hashtags anymore?! 

It´s starting to hit me that it´s the last transfer, yesterday I said goodbye to all my people here in Ca├žador...Im headed to Joinville! If I remember right, there are 14 sisters in that zone...sooooooo basically I´m going to have like 2 days in my own area the whole transfer. bahahaha. Oh well #STLProbs.....ok enough hashtags. 

I was pretty sad to get the transfer call, but I knew it was comming. Last Sunday I prayed that I could stay here to finish out... I got a VERY distinct "sinking" feeling...and figured it wouldn´t happen the way I wanted to, but I began thinking about the possibilities....on thursday we went to pickup our bus tickets for District Meeting in Videra on Friday, I had three tickets... one for Videra, one to return...and One to Joinville...with no return....again I got that same distinct SINKING feeling....I almost ALMOST started to cry. AHHHH!!! But, MAYBE it was bought wrong, so I called the Mission Office and talked to Elder Hardman.
"Elder, why do I have ticket to Joinville?!" 
"uhh.....Sister, Why are you in the Rodoviaria!?" (Lots of fubecas go early to see where they´re going for transfers...but I wasn´t doing anything wrong!)
"Getting my tickets for District meeting tomorrow!"
He passed the phone to Elder Gallegos (an MTC buddy that´s also working in the office) 
"Elder Hardman just had to....go do something realllll quick."
(I figure that he was just going to talk to president and the Assistants...."SHE KNOWWWWWSSSSS!!!!"" hahaha something like that probably went down.) 
Elder Hardman again "Sister? might just be wrong...."
Me, "But you bought the ticket Elder, you bought it with a don´t make these kinds of mistakes often..."
Elder: "Well, just hang onto it, you´ll use it one day....probably.."

...yeah, that´s what I thought! haha. 

So when transfer calls came around, Elder Lima says: "Sister Huskey, where do you think you´re going...?"
"Joinville, Elder!" 
and so it is. I´m headed to JOINVILLE for the last few weeks and  I will be DYING of heat...I will probably come home a Lobster. WATCH OUT!

My companion will be Sister Emilima...she´s awesome, from Argentina and stinkin hilarious. So, I´m stoked. 

Our area is ONE Biarro of the city..ONE it has TWO streets. A few Elders that I know already served there. They say that I´ll get to know everyone reallllll quick. haha. Should be interesting, but I´m excited! 


This is how I have to spell my name for brazillians....

My breakfast this morning...Chocolate soup (cocolate milk) and Ham and Cheese tortilla! WOOHOO! 

My BFF David

That´s all for this week, The computer is being stupid, but you´ll all see the rest soon enough!

Sister Huskey #2 

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