Monday, December 2, 2013


Tomorrow will mark 5 months of being on the mish.
Say Whaaa?!
That's crazy.
a LOT has changed at home but the work keeps truckin on!
This week was great. First of all it was Thanksgiving!!! Which means eating a feast every day and having enough left overs to last the rest of the transfer!
On Monday we had the first Feast at the Cureton's house..anddd they told us that they are MOVING! Noooo.....Not only that but they are moving to Alma...which is the NEXT ward over and is where basically all of our investigators are/have moved to in the last week.
Stinkin Alma....
Well Brother Cureton gave me a blessing that night too...because I was just *SO* sad that they were moving. haha. just kidding.  But it was THE best...because it's the first one I've gotten on the mission so far and it was MUCH needed.
Tuesday my companion and I had a little "Best Two Years" Moment. Sister Shumway (the Mission President's Wife) called randomly in the middle of the day and said, "Guess where I am!? I'm in Arkansas! I'm coming to see you!"
AHHHHHH! We ran home and cleaned up! haha. It wasn't THAT messy..buuut this is Sister Shumway we're talkin about. Gotta have it top notch :P
It was fun having her over, we got to give her the grand tour and talk about all of our investigators with her.
Wednesday we had exchanges. I got to go to Charleston and do some work with Sister Ficklin (if I get stuck here, we'll be going home together :])
Pretty much all of our plans fell through that afternoon so we decided to do some good ol' Tracting. We said a prayer first and then I saw the house. It was basically glowing and screaming "JESUS"...oh wait..that must've just been all the Christmas Decorations. My bad...Well, we knocked on the door. A woman answered and she knew who we were immediately. She has four sisters who are all LDS, she's Baptist, but "just a believer". She told us that her sisters were on the way to her house for Thanksgiving! We told her to say we stopped by! She continued on to tell us about dilasis and Sister Ficklin said, "I have faith that it's all going to work out. I really do." The woman just MELTED into us she came out of the house and gave us each HUGE hugs.
Such a tender moment!
Gotta love it.
We kept walking to see if any other houses "spoke" to us...but we ended up just finding a Husky Dog instead!!
It was great. Sister Ficklin also told me that when she was on exchanges in Anderson (my first area) that TWO of the people I used to teach are now baptized!!
That is always THE best news to get.
Wednesday marked the second thanksgiving feast of the week. So delicious.
Thursday we played FOOTBALL alllll morning. So fun. We had our final Thanksgiving at the McClellan's house and Sister McClellan even made Grammi's weird carrot and pineapple jello for me! It was SO good! :) I think I ate more that meal than the rest of the week combined :/ yikes.
But soooo worth it.
Sister Boll and I took the opportunity to rake some leaves that day too. As we were finishing up the ZL's and Spanish pulled up..such a convienent time. haha. They had gotten flowers for Sister McClellan..they looked like they were headed off to prom. awk.
We had probably 15 bags STUFFED full of leaves. Dinner was earned, and tasted SO much better afterwards.
So this week Sister Boll and I have been jammin out every day to the Nashville Tribute band: The Work.
That stuff is top notch.
We made our own video of "Children Go Where I Send Thee"
It's (as the kids would say) DOPE.
maybe one day you'll get to see it.
Friday we played Bingo at the Rehab we do every friday. it was great fun.
Something really cool happened today. As sisters do not hold the priesthood there are not many occasions that we get to drop anything and go help someone. But we got a phone call from a Less Active woman we see. Her son got into a bad bike wreck and was in the hospital with his mom and needed a blessing.
We called the Elders and met them at Mercy Hospital. (The Elders are great. btw gotta love em)
I called Tammy: "Hi tammy, it's Sister Huskey, how are you?"
Tammy: "It's crazy, we're at the hospital and Gabe got it a bike wreck."
Me:"Tammy we're here at the hospital, the elders are here to give your son a blessing."
Tammy: "No way!"
She had NO idea how we found out about Gabe or that they were at the hospital, it was SO COOL. haha.
We all got to go back and see him in the emergency room and the elders gave him a blessing. I love watching the priesthood in action.  It's good stuff.
Anyway. that was the most exciting part of the day.
On Saturday we cleaned the chruch and played some Basket Ball. So fun. I got to see Katie! She was recently Baptized in the Greenwood ward, I helped to teach her (once) when I was on exchanges there, we are bffs. Love her!
The Silers took us out for lunch to a Pizza Buffet, YUM. (thanksgiving #4? You betcha!)
Saturday was great because guess what?! I GOT A TIWI CARRDD. I can drive now. WHAT'S UP!!!
I haven't driven in 5 MONTHS! AHHHH. It's so refreshing to be behind the wheel again :)
We stopped by Bro. Kev's house on our way to see another neighbor and his friend. Bro. Kev is a Less Active. We love him. He served 2 tours in Iraq back in the day and has bad PTSD. He's an alchoholic. We walked up to him and he was drinkin a Heinikin. haha. We told him we were going to see ms Dixie and he said he'd be right behind us!
To my astonishment, Bro. Kev gave this woman a pretty amazing lesson (dispite the fact that he was overly tipsy)
Kinda cool.
We walked him back to his apartment and he wanted to say a prayer with us before we left.
Sister Boll:"Please bless Kevin that he-" Bro. Kev "Bless kevin?! Bless kevin!? What about Bless the Mis-ion-ar-ies?! Thank you jesus for sending these two girls to re-juv-inate myyyy ding-dong botay bootay! Halla-Halla!" Sister Boll:" the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
Bahhaah .
so funny.
We love Brotha Kev.
Sunday was WEIRD. SO much drama at church, but I'll spare you from all of that.
We had a lesson with one of our favorite LA's Michael Jones Jr. we had a dance off in the drive way....that should tell you how fun those lessons are.
ahhhh well...That's all for this week.

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