Monday, December 9, 2013

5 Down. 13 To Go.

Oh man. Guess what everyone!
Grace and I hit FIVE months on Tuesday! Say whatttt?! It's crazy. I still feel like a baby. haha.
We get transfer calls on Saturday night and then we'll change on Wednesday!
I predict that I'll stay and train here in Van Buren OR that we'll both leave. Sister Boll predicts that I'll stay and train or that we'll both stay.
We'll find out soon enough!
So, remember how last week I told you I got a Tiwi card? Well, you're probably wondering what the heck that is, right?
Tiwi is a nice little man inside a black box that sticks to the windshield who yells at the driver when he or she:
Goes over the speed limit
Is aggressive driving
Is reckless driving
when our seat belts aren't buckled
or when we haven't logged into the system
It records EVERYTHING, speed, time on and off, when we get home, every-thing!
It's kinda cool.
So far I've only gotten O-N-E speeding violation.
woop! woop!
I'm a pro. I wonder if I can print out my tiwi reccord and use it for future jobs? hmmm..
I've also decided that I'm totally going to be an EFY counselor the summer I get home! GET AT ME! It's going to be sweet. I wanted to do that pre-mish, but you have to be stinkin 21 to do it. LAME. But the good thing is that RM's basically ALWAYS get the job. sooo....It's happening.
Also, Pops/Jenni, thanks SO MUCH for sending that package. LOVED it! The socks came in HAN-DY this week.
Also, this week was crazy.
Also, we got a christmas tree this week! Holla!
It's fake...but still...DOPPEEE!
*I AM a sister missionary*
...I meant to say that it's just really really cool and totally invites the TRUE spirit of Christmas into our lives ;)
haha :)
Monday we ate at the usual spot: Casa de Cureton.
They're the best, we ate mac and cheese! SO YUMMY!
They also aren't going to be able to move as soon as they thought(*YESSSS!!**)
On Tuesday I went on exchanges with my old companion, Sister Breaux, it was a GOOD day, we did WORK. Played bingo with old people (the lady I played with won like...5 bucks!) We went to the RS activity and ate our dinner via the finger food provided, and we also got to see Brother Henery.
His story is AMAZING.
Brother Henery read the book of Mormon and knew it was true at the age of 17. This area that he lives in was opened up on July 4, 2013.
on July 3, 2013 Brother Henery sent in a self-referral through
the next day when the sisters arrived they got it and they went to see him a few days later, a few WEEKS later Brother Henery was baptized.
In the beginning his family was ultra anti Mormon, but now we have lessons IN his parent's home! AHHH so cool.
anyway. I want to find a Brother Henery. that's my life goal.
Wednesday we exchanged back...whatever happened escapes me..haha.
Thursday we did our weekly planning, we could NOT focus at home so we went to Starbucks instead! It felt like we were at  home (Sister Boll is from Seattle) it smelled SO good in there and we got our planning done really quick.
That night we had a freezing rain storm/then sleet/ THEN snow.
Friday there! SO MUCH. We walked everywhere to go see people, it was actually a LOT of fun. The powder was niiiceee. I WISH with all my heart that snowboarding was allowed on the mission, because this stuff was just perfect.
our heat went out at our apartment, so we stayed with a member family from Alma. Sarah Vindel gave us some yarn to make stuff out of. I LOVE OLD LADY CRAFTS!
It reminded me of Grandma's Sister Vindel spins and hand dyes most of her stuff too, it was sweet. Who knew that you could bond with someone over wool?
Saturday we could drive! hallelujah! We also got to visit with EVERYONE we wanted to see! That was the best. LOVE those days.  We ended the night by breakin it down with Bro. Kev.
I WISH I could send the video..cause it was hilarious.
Church got cancelled on Sunday.  It was weird. Saturday and Sunday we originally planned on being in Fort Smith ALL was so weird staying here. It's like Sunday never happened. I'M GOING TO DIE!!!! haha.
We saw Bro. Kev and his brother Shaun tonight and taught them the Plan of Salvation using the Celestial Pyramid! It was SO good. Shaun loovveedd it. Shaun is a LA who is PROUD of it. Last time we brought over an object lesson he was.not.impressed. But I really think the Legos struck a cord. We got an A+ for that one.  
jk. I wont. I did get sick this weekend though, I just about heaved up the entirety of my guts this morning, but  I'ma survivor.
annnyway. it's been a good week.
No visa yet.
still FREEZING cold.
but regardless...
 (Bud-duh-bum-buh-buhh!!) I'm lovin it!

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