Monday, December 16, 2013

Onto Transfer #5!!

So crazy.
This week was sweeeet.
ok, we were actually pretty sick most of the week, BUT, it was ok, because some awesome things happened.
FIRST. On Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Tulsa. SO goood. We rode "The Bull" (aka a Water's van) up with all the missionaries from our area. We listened to christmas music the whole time. Turns out Missionaries really love Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Michael Buble... at least, they are pretty popular in the OTM.
Conference was amazing, at the end President Shumway read that book, "The story of Mr Toomey." something like that. Mom will know what I'm talking about. The one about the carpenter that ALWAYS makes you cry when he starts helping the little boy carve his bird. awww yeah.
After it was alll over I wanted to go ask President about something so I just went over and stood near him while he finished talking to another elder. I looked over at my companion and started singing Thrift Shop really quiet.....because It's been stuck in my head ALLL WEEEK. Then we started playing that game like on Finding Nemo. Whoever can sing Thrift Shop closest to President Shumway without getting caught wins!
...i win.
I also ripped a phone book in half after conference was over...nbd.
pictures to come.
After conference we hit up B-dubbs! (buffalo wild wings..)  Elder Magana did the flamin wing challange. As we walk in Elder Allred says, "The marmons have arrieved! If you want to know what we believe in, we believe in 60 cent hot wings!!"
good times in the Fort.
good times.
Well after monday we were sick, so not much happened.
we had a ward chirstmas party on Saturday! It was a lot of fun. Bro. Kev and Shawn came! Woop woop! So did Shawn's son Liam. It was great. We even got to see SANTA!
I would send pictures camera's being dummbbb today so, next week you're gonna get a TON of pictures. for sure.
I'm also working on loading up a usb to send home sooooooo look out for that too! Probably in a couple weeks though.
Alright, so here's the news we've all been waiting for. Transferrr callllsss!
Van Buren is getting closed. The Zone Leader's are expanding their area and I am going to Miami, (pronounced My-AMA) Oklahoma.
I'm a THREE stater! holla!
One more and I'll have em all!
Sister Boll is going to Huntsville, Arkansas.
We get on the loop on wedensday! So tomorrow we'll be hanging out with the ZL's and introducing them to everyone!
It's crazy. Packing is hard, I have acuumulated SO MUCH STUFF!
I'll be in Miami for Christmas! I don't know what time yet...but we only have 30 minutes to talk/skype. (you can thank "the bretheren" for that one) But I'll let ya'll know when it will be.

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