Monday, December 30, 2013


We have very limited time today. The librarian here today hates us.
This week was awesome.
We found two GOLDEN-Gators I love them.
I had all these things I was going to write about, but maybe I'll just have to write it and send it to mom and make her type it up.
But seriously. Hymn 336: all I can think of is a drunk man breaking a beer bottle over another dudes head. haha
I'm thinking for the music video it should be a bar fight/brawl in slow motion with a guy in the middle of it all sitting really still and singing with the orchestra lining the walls.
good idea, eh?


Guys. Missionary work is the greatest.
Audgie is on his mish now and will be in the field next week! ahhhh! It's nuts. Jessica Nelson said that they had to put up a new display case in the building to fit all the missionary plaques.
Melts my heart.
Also I got a SWEET update from my first area!

I got to go to Anderson this weekend for TWO BAPTISMS!!! Just thought I'd give you a little update:
-Eddie got baptized!! He was so excited for it that they moved the date up  a few weeks from the original date of Nov 24 that we set with him.
-Chris and Brother McPherson got married and then Chris also got baptized!! They are doing great and went to the temple this weekend to do baptisms :)
-There were at least 30 islanders there that I did not recognize, and they stayed all three hours!
-Pete Sampson and his family officially move in and he is now teaching the islander sunday school. It's a HUGE success.
-Little Leighanna who lived next door to us has been going to church for 3 weeks now!
-Brother and Sister Patrick were both there
-Rendy Lanso has been coming every week with Eddie and Meriko
-Michael Thomas blessed the Sacrament (I started bawling when I saw that. Actually I cried a lot that day.)
-Bro and Sis Thomas were also at Sacrament meeting, and there are in 2 Nephi 15 in their family scripture study :)
-Christina is the Sunbeams teacher and Rodney is the Cub Scout Master and the 2nd councilor in the Sunday School Presidency
-There were over 50 nonmembers at the ward Halloween Party
-There are applying for a bigger building at the end of the year
-There were so many people at Sacrament they had to open the partition in the back
-They split the primary into junior/ senior primary because it was so big
And last but not least.........

you don't know any of these people, but they are like family! Especially Greg, he's a HANDFUL but I am SO Proud!

Ahhh. I wish I could tell you about everything but it would take forever. I love it all, and I don't ever want it to end!

Sister Huskey

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