Monday, March 17, 2014

Cherokee Nation. Livin it up in Tahlequah Oklahoma!

So I wrote on Wednesday, so I'll Start on Thursday!  


Thursday was TRANSFER DAY!! Woohoo! We got up, I finished packing, and we headed out at 8:00 for Jop-Top...The transfer loop actually came on TIME today. It was a miracle. I was on all day anyway..sooo NBD or anything, 


The transfer consisted of:

·        Pit stops for gas

·        Awkward moments when an elder buys a sister lunch

·        Talking about old areas

·        Singing Nashville Tribute Band songs, because we aren’t allowed to listen to them in the  OTM)

·        Speaking Portuguese

·        Elders “Speaking” Portuguese with me

·        Talking with departing missionaries about going home (so weird, I never want to be them)

·        Searching for a new sister’s lost luggage (YIKES)

·        Annnnd sooo much more.

Transfers are SO fun!


We FINALLY got to Muskogee at about 3:00 and then got to Tahlequah around

4:30. Sister Davis, my new companion is amazing, it’s her 3rd transfer, but serving with her it feels like she’s been out for ten. No joke. She’s great, and we have a lot in common, so it’s even better.

It is going to be a gooooddd transfer.

On the drive to Tahlequah, Sister Davis told me that we have a gym…I didn’t

even comprehend what she meant until I got there to see it…We have a GYM. Tons of equipment. It’s so nice.

          We are living every missionaries DREAM right now. We live with members in an apartment separate from the house, we have a washer and dryer, NO BUGS, and that stinkin gym… it is SUCH a blessing. I’m excited to call this home for the next 6 weeks, at least!

          The first thing we did is plan, and then we saw a few investigators and then went to this Inter-faith discussion at the College, it was way cool, we went with our Ward Mission Leader who is a student, they just kept asking us questions, and after we left, Brother Parkes said he stayed almost an hour after just answering their questions! AND He gave someone a Book of Mormon.


Ok, the craziest part was the people who were leading the discussion. Thomas = SPITTING image of Patrick Dehler, NOT A JOKE. I told Thomas that he looked just like one of my friends from high school, he asked who and proceeded to look Patrick up on facebook. It was nuts. NOT ONLY THAT but the girl sitting next to Thomas was Jessi Bruns in 20 years, her name is Holly, she’s also Bahai.

          I wanted to get a picture with them SO BAD but we had to leave before it was all over, so NEXT TIME. (I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be here for the next one for that reason ONLY. Haha!





          We had a Zone Conference with TAD R.  CALLISTER. Try not to be jealous. It was amazing, it was a little bit different from our normal Zone Conferences, but it was sooo awesome. We came fasting- so we were all STARVING. It was a LEGIT 24 hour fast. We all had rumbly tummys.

          I SAW SISER BOLL! It was exciting to catch up with her!

          Something that I love about being on a mission is that things are ALWAYS changing, nothing is in place long enough to become boring or mundane.

          After President Shumway spoke we all knew we’d be eating dinner, but apparently nothing was ready yet so he just strung us along for the next half was killer.

          The dinner we ate normally wouldn’t appeal to me, but since I had been FASTING FOR ETERNITY (thanks president) It was stinkin delicious.

          There was another surprise there! ALEX PHELPS decided to show up! Woohoo! He was a Zone Leader in Fort Smith his last few transfers while Sister Boll and I were serving there. THE funniest elder the OTM has ever had, guarantee it. He told Sister Boll and me all about it adventure with going home. It’s crazy that he isn’t a missionary anymore!

          Elder Callister and Elder Southward came after dinner. The night portion of the Conference was open to the public, so there were a lot of people there. Elder Ellis had met someone on the plane ride over and invited him to come! HE DID!

          Lucky are the missionaries who get to teach the investigator found by Elder Callister!

          When it was all over we were some of the first to shake Elder Callister’s hand. He asked EVERYONE where they were from and got to know them a little bit. It was way cool. We gave hugs to Sister Shumway and said goodbye to President. I even got to visit with some people from my old areas! It was so fun, we were pooped when we got home!



          We met with a few investigators in the morning 1st with James, a student at NSU. He’s an interesting kid, he has a hard time believing in a Heavenly Father, when his own earthly father was basically non-existent in his life.

          We invited him to pray and say “Dear Heavenly Father, do you love me?” It is the simplest and most POWERFUL invitation. He just smiled and said he would do it. Next we saw Jack and his niece and nephew.  We played catch and football/500 with them for a while.  It was way fun.

          Sister Davis LOVES sports, we are going to have a cookout with Jack and his family and a bunch of the ward in a few weeks and play baseball, it’s going to be soo fun.

          After we saw Jack we went home and changed for the STOMP DANCE. We got invited to go to the Stomp Dance by one of our less actives who is Cherokee. The Stomp Dance is like a Pow-Wow but WAY more sacred. Interestingly enough, it has a LOT of parallels to the Temple. It was really cool, we weren’t allowed to film anything, but we were able to record the songs! We are BFFS with the Chief and with the Chief that’s over the South Eastern area, so we got invited back to the Spring Meeting on the 29th! We are stoked. It’s going to be awesome!

          We got home at 11:30 (with President’s permission, of course) and PASSED OUT.



          I love Sundays

          This week is spring break so thins were a little sparse, but even then, I could not, for the life of me, remember the names of ANYONE I met. Haha!

          Oh well, I’ve got time. Sister Davis and I were both WIPED OUT. It’s amazing what losing an hour and a half of sleep will do! (It’s killerrrr)

          But seriously, I love Tahlequah already; it’s going to be a goooooood transfer J




          I left my camera charger in stinkin MIAMI! NOOOOOOOO….


          I literally wanted to cry.


          I had just enough battery to record some singing at the Stomp Dance and then it died…I figured it would take a few weeks to get a new cord…THEN I went to unplug the camera and noticed the shape of the plug...hmmmmm…I got my camera and BAM!



God loves me

And I love you!


I hope you have a great week!


Sister Huskey #2

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