Monday, March 31, 2014

Mama Makes the Best Fried Chicken, Wrangler Makes the Best Blue Jeans.

We sang hymns at the Nursing Home,
Charles sang at the top of his lungs...."OHHHHH LOORRRDDDD MYYY GOOOOODDD" It was hilarious.
We carried HUGE BRANCHES in our little car, they stuck out the windows. Pretty amusing. (see photo)
We went to institute on campus. Saw a student get arrested. fun stuff.
During our Breakfast with the Old Boys this week, Brother Asay says,
"Sisters, I've been trying to grow carrots lately, I think I've got it just right. A friend of mine told me a while ago that if I put peanut butter in with the soil that it would make them grow bigger and better, wanna try some of the carrots?"
we say: SURE!
He hands us each a "Carrot" wrapped in newspaper.
We open them, and inside is a "Carrot" of Reses Pieces.
so classic.
We went to Chili's for lunch one day.... you order your food on a stinkin iPAD!!! What is the world coming to!?!!!
Leslie Hood was Home Made Toast's 1,001st Like on Facebook.
We did TONS of Service: at the Nursing Home, at the Food Pantry, at Encore, and we helped this Less Active woman  clean her house and purge all her stuff that she's horded. haha.
We played B-ball with the optometry students from the college...I am not a baller by any means, but I did (almost) make 2 baskets!! Woohoo!
After the Basket ball game we got ice-cream at McDonalds.
And then...there was a SWEET thunderstorm. (See pics)
This week I lost my scriptures TWICE....thankfully I've found them both times.
We got a lot of rejection this week and thus got broken hearts.
But we also have the Best Two Years soundtrack..sooo All is well...
"Mama makes the best fried chicken, wrangler makes the best blue jeans, everybody knows that the Mormons make the very best football leagues. I believe that the Mormons make the very best pioneers, so I'm goin to the land of the tulips where I'm gonna make the best two years. THE BEST TWO YEARRSSSS"
aahhhemm... anyway..
Saturday night was Women's conference. LOVED it.
Yesterday we went to the park with Swindell..He picked us flowers!
He also lost his bike, so we talked to the Police and later on it was FOUND!
but it was definitely because of the prayer we said...and not the police officer, Swindell found it all on his own!
I got a really cool package from DAD and JENNI!
and a letter from CAROLE!
We are listening to the frozen soundtrack #11-32...It's killin us. That movie is probably SO GOOD! We can't wait to see it!
The worst part...Swindell keeps inviting us to watch it with him and his friends!!! ahhhhhh!!!! (we are going to ask for permission...just in case. haha!)
THIS WEEK: Conference, Zone Training, and FISHING!!! We are stoked!  

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