Monday, March 24, 2014


I never thought I’d say it…


But, Spring Break is THE WORST!

No one was home, campus was deserted, we didn’t  even have anyone home to be rejected BY!

Pathetic. We did a lot of stuff at the nursing home…they can’t run away from us…and by the next day they’ve forgotten what we talked to them about yesterday! Haha.



Let me just tell you something, I’ve been a missionary for a while.

Last week while I was filling out my application for a library card I LITERALLY wrote SISTER as my first name, without even thinking twice about it…sooooo ridiculous. Hahaha.


This week has been great,

                                Except for the no one being home part…

We played softball last Monday night, and did a LOT of service this week, we also had a handful of POWERFUL lessons.

I LOVE being bold with people.

Haha, the MOST annoying thing to hear when you’re a missionary and you’ve been teaching a couple/family for a little while.


Ahheemm,  This is a direct quote: “ We’ve been looking for a new church to go to…we’re just trying to figure out where God is trying to lead us.”

Me, in my head: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!???? I’m sitting here IN YOUR LIVING ROOM with Christ’s name attached to my chest for 18 freaakkiingg months, I’ve given up school, relationships, my family, because a PROPHET OF GOD called me HERE to YOUR living room! God sent US to YOU, and you’re wondering what church God is TRYING to lead you to?”




But what I really say: “I have an Invitation for you, will you pray and ask God if we are truly his representatives and that what we’re teaching you is also truth?”

Seriously people -__-


Read that Por-Favor.

And then LOGICALLY THINK about it.


Come on. Who can deny it?


I know I can’t!




Annnnwayyyyy…that’s enough of my ranting J

Wednesdays we go out to breakfast with the High Priests at Hungry House Café (we get fed EVERY DAY here…sometimes multiple times a day…and MOST of those are out at REALLY GOOD restaurants!)

I’m going to be a WHALE at the end of this transfer!


Well, at the Nursing home I got Bob to play bingo with us! (apparently for the first time!) and we sang with Auntie Margie, “Count your many blessings” She sang in Dutch, she’s adorable.

One of my favorite lessons this week was with a less active. She is struggling trying to take care of her family and dealing with ornery teenagers.  Sister Davis told her a story…A story President tells us over and over again.

One day, he had a dream that he was in heaven and he hugged God and said “I did it!”

After he got home from his mission he hugged his dad at the airport and whispered in his ear, “Dad, I did it!” All of his sons have done the same thing returning from their missions, whispering in his ear, “Dad, I did it.”

President tells us that when we go home, he wants us to do the same. (from our missions and from this world)

Can you imagine that, walking (I’ll probably be running) up to Heavenly Father, giving him a BIG ol hug and telling him, “DAD! I did it!”

This woman…she had tears rolling down her face, she told us about her father, he died about three years ago, she told us  how MUCH she misses him, and how her heart is still broken every single day. She told us about the struggles being a (pretty much) single mom, how all she wants is to give the best to her kids.

My heart just melted for her, She wants to be sealed to her children so bad. Her desires are so good and so pure, but her circumstances are keeping her from it. (with finances, with wayward children, all that stuff.) It is heartbreaking.

I really cannot even believe that we JUST got done with the first week of the transfer…it feels like I’ve been here my WHOLE life.

Every time I get to a new area, my memory just goes BLANK from the last area…I’m forgetting NAMES! I know the faces, but the NAMES…it’s so bad..hahaha! It’s the same with some people at home, it’s awkward. But oh well.  

Anyway. Today we went on a really fun hike at Devil’s Den in Arkansas. We found some AWESOME caves and some sweet cliffs. It was the best. My calves got a work out. For sure. Haha. We went with the district and our Zone Leaders, so just 4 companionships. It was SOFUNNN!


anyway. hope yuns have a good week! 

-Sister Huskey #2

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